DoubleTree Wedding – Binghamton, NY – Elaine & Jimmy

If you’ve ever been to the The Park Diner & Restaurant on Conklin Avenue in Binghamton, NY you may have seen Elaine running around! That would be because her family owns it and it’s probably one of the best diners in the Southern Tier! And if you’ve ever been, there you know that it’s a Greek diner. Which means a big Greek wedding was an order! And boy did they not disappoint!

I don’t think I’ve ever photographed a Greek wedding before. There were so many special traditions that occurred throughout the day. Both Elaine and Jimmy wore a pin of μάτι (mati). According to my google search, the evil eye is a talisman that is meant to protect you from these evil spirits! So their wedding day was funny protected from anything bad happening and their marriage too!

Witnessing their ceremony was truly special! As I mentioned, I’m not Greek, like not even a little bit. So being a part of their wedding was really neat! They participated in Joining of the Hands, the Crowning of Stefana and other traditions that are unique to the Greek culture. And of course Greek Dancing! Talk about an exuberant dances straight from their roots. Being in the middle for some of these dances is crucial! Even if that means you your feet aren’t safe from being stepped on. Let me say though, it’s worth it!

Family portraits were done at the alter because of the rain. However, the rain quit long enough for us to head outside for some portraits! Fall foliage is still around, even after some heavy rain falls. Which was perfect for Elaine and Jimmy’s wedding day!

Their nieces and nephews were a part of their bridal party and let me tell you, they are super cute! So many times throughout the day I was able to snag some gems of photographs of these kiddos. Which I’m sure their parents will gush over soon!

One band just wasn’t enough for their reception. So they had an America band, The Yada Yadas, and a Greek band, Aegean Duo! What a mix of music! Both bands had the dance floor packed all night long. I really don’t think there were many people left at their seats which meant we capture some really fun party photos!

I could keep on going about how much fun Elaine and Jimmy’s was but I’m hoping these photos will speak for themselves!

Hair/Makeup: Us Hair Studio 
Dress: Ever After Bridal
Flowers: Hillside Flower Girls 
Music: Yada Yadas & Aegean duo

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