Schenectady, NY – Engagement – Kristen & Daniella

If you love history and haven’t been to the Stockade in Schenectady, NY then you need to go. This town is full of history, charm, and is home to two lovely ladies who recently got engaged! My very first interaction with Kristen and Daniella was through email. There were more exclamation points in one email than I have ever seen and it was amazing! This in itself made me so excited for their engagement session I can’t even begin to express it. They decided on The Stockade in Schenectady because it’s a special place to them. Who knew this little walking path by the river would be perfect for their engagement photos.

Their joy and excitement through all of our email exchanges lit my soul on fire! I was looking forward to this shoot as much as they were. We were blessed with a perfect Winter day that was full of sunshine. Our original date was forecasting to be 17 degrees which just wasn’t going to happen. No one needs frost bite during their engagement photos, right?  Second time was a charm in this case and goodness was it freaking perfection!

These two women were so happy and in love it was amazing! I honestly don’t think there was more than 5 minutes throughout their whole engagement session that they weren’t laughing. You can probably tell my looking through these photos but just in case I though I would mention it. Kristen and Daniella were also up for pretty much anything! The danced together in the middle of the street, ran in the snow and snuggled up close with each other to keep warm.

A bar in Oneonta was where the magic started and clearly never stopped. They mentioned their love for pizza and I had the wild idea of swinging by a pizza shop at the end of their photoshoot. To say they were totally down for it was an understatement! I think Kristen and Daniella were more excited about their pizza photos than anything else but I loved it! They ordered two slices of delicious pizza, sat on the curb and did a cheers with their cheese pizza together while giggling the entire time! It was the best!!! I think that every couple need to incorporate something like this within their engagement session. It was a blast and showed off something they love together which made it even better!

I cannot wait to work with these two gorgeous ladies again for their wedding!!

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