Lake George – Engagement – Devlin & Justin

When I was younger, I remember visiting Lake George with my family. At the time, we lived over 3 hours away so it was a vacation for us to go there. Now that I’m based in New York’s Capital Region, it’s pretty cool that Lake George is less than an hour away! Not only am I able to go visit more frequently, it’s now become a perfect location for engagement sessions!

Devlin and Justin had plans to go visit the Ice Castles for a little getaway. We all thought doing their engagement photos inside the Ice Castles would be perfect! However, after trying to work in all the factors, it just wasn’t working out. By the time their session came around, we had a few warmer days and the Castles closed for a few days anyway. What. A. Bummer.

Somehow, everything worked out just the way it should. As it turns out, right across the street from the Ice Castles was a field with tall grass and weeds, some small ponds, and a mountain view! It was an icy, bitter cold morning but the light was SO GOOD! Especially when the sun finally came out to warm us all up!

Devlin and Justin are big hockey people, but they don’t share a love for the same team. Justin is a NY Ranger’s fan while Devlin roots for the Boston Bruins. I can only imagine when their house is like when these two teams match up. After seeing how much they love the opposing teams, I don’t think either of them will ever budge!

Their love of hockey meant that they needed to represent their favorite teams for some photos during their engagement session! Because the Ice Castles canceled their plans they opted to attend a hockey game. Which I think was the perfect solution for these two!

I’m thinking that their wedding should definitely have some hockey elements incorporated into their details. Maybe hockey puck table number or photos of them at different hockey games together! Anyone else think that’d be super cute?!

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