Loon Lake – Engagement – Jackie & Ryan

Nestled in the Adirondack mountains is a super special place to Ryan, called Loon Lake. Although she didn’t know what yet, this lake would also be extremely important to Jackie as well. But before we dive into that let’s go back to the very beginning!

I wish I had a way of tagging the great country singer Luke Bryan. He’s a super important piece and Jackie and Ryan’s love story. It all began at Saratoga Performing Arts Center at a Luke Bryan concert. This is the place that these to met for the very first time! There’s nothing like meeting the old-fashioned way, especially at a country concert of all places!

Over the next few years of dating, Ryan and Jackie spent a lot of time together at Ryan’s family cabin on Loon Lake. Their memories there are endless but one day in November of 2021, might be their most memorable time there together. As it was the day Ryan proposed on the doc, overlooking the Lake in all of its beauty! With all of the special moments they have shared there together it was pretty obvious that that’s exactly where we should go for their engagement pictures.

Little did we know that mother nature had something special in store for us that day. I’m always up for a little Beyoncé wind to make hair flow in the breeze! What I didn’t order was the intense tornado like wind… YIKES! I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever photographed a session where the breeze took over like this. It was insane and freezing! Jackie and Ryan were absolute champions about the whole thing. If anybody has any connections to mother nature could you put in a good word for me?!

Regardless of the weather I’m so glad that we were able to do their engagement photos at the very place that they got engaged! There’s only less than a year to go before these two officially tie the knot at Franklin Plaza in Troy, New York!

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