Five Rivers – Engagement – Brianna & Peter

Five Rivers in Delmar New York is not only a beautiful nature park but also is a special place to Brianna and Peter! I love when couples incorporate a place that’s meaningful to them for their engagement pictures! It’s extra fun for me because usually these are places that I’ve never been before. Five Rivers just happened to be one of those places!

Pete and Brianna are high school sweethearts! It’s so rare to meet a couple these days who met in high school and are still going strong years later. They also hold a very special spot in my heart because my sister and her husband are also high school sweethearts! Nothing like young love that’s totally meant to last a lifetime!

After they started dating their senior year, they each one off to two different colleges. They soon realized they had found there forever person in each other! It’s very clear that these two are each other’s best friend and they continue to have so much fun together! It was such a joy to get to know them during their engagement session. Brianna and Peter lead me around Five Rivers Environmental Education Center to some really beautiful spots! For any of you who are outdoorsy people and are looking for another spot with hiking trails and scenic areas, definitely check this place out!

We spent a good chunk of time around one of the hiking paths there which had beauty everywhere you turned around. Some spots were a little muddy but these two were down to do anything and go anywhere! Five Rivers was full of so many picturesque spots and I know we didn’t even see half of. Which only became even more stunning with this fun loving engaged couple!

We spent so much time together during the engagement session that we unfortunately didn’t get to make it to one of the spots that Peter really wanted because it was getting dark. I think we made up for it with some other locations that we found but I honestly feel like I could’ve photographed these two for a while longer! I’m so excited for them to get married next year and to continue acting like teenagers who are totally in love! 

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