Lake Placid – Engagement – Shannon & Matt

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and quickly realized that they are one of those people who you want to have a part of your circle? Within the first few minutes of talking to Shannon over the phone she reminded me so much of my best friend. She also reached out to me through a recommendation from another one of my bride, Amanda, who I feel exactly the same about! Once I found out that Amanda recommended that Shannon reach out to me for her wedding, I knew we were going to be friends! I should also mention that Shannon is Irish and Matt is Polish, which is a good chunk of my own ancestry! 

I remember the first time we spoke on the phone. I asked her how her and Matt met, what their love story was, and what her wedding plans were so far. Every single thing she was telling me was right up my alley! You could hear it in Shannon‘s voice when she talks about Matt how truly in love with him that she is. This became even more apparent to me throughout their engagement session!

When she told me the story of how Matt proposed to her it sounded like a fairytale! In the middle of winter on a frozen lake in the magical place of Lake Placid, New York! They spent the weekend together up there and one night while they were walking through the town, Matt asked Shannon if she wanted to go walk out onto the frozen lake. Of course Shannon said yes but little did she know that was the first yes that would soon lead to a second much bigger YES! After a fabulous BBQ dinner with they decided to go for a walk. Just as it started snowing they made their way out onto Mirror Lake where Matt popped the question!

Because Lake Placid is such a special place for them, we decided that it was only fitting that their engagement pictures be held in the same location! The entire drive up to Lake Placid I got more and more excited because it just kept getting increasingly beautiful with every mile north I drove! Matt had the crazy and amazing idea of going up in a gondola on Little White Face Mountain for a few photos very top!

From the bottom of the mountain looking up, I could only imagine the incredible view that we are going to have at the top! With much excitement we boarded the gondola where I got to know Shannon and Matt a little more as we made the trip up to the mountain. We came to a peak which I thought was we were going to get off but to my surprise we just kept going up! We kept chatting but as we looked around the farther we got up all we saw or clouds. Big white clouds and fog that became more dense the higher we got up. 

The three of us sat inside the gondola completely surrounded by nothing but WHITE. We threw our hands up and said “well, at least we tried”. They were such a good sports about it! We didn’t get the view that they were hoping for but definitely made a memory together!  

When I tell you that these two acted like teenagers who just started dating, I mean it through and through! They picked on each other out of love, made sure other was doing okay, and just had so much fun together! They’re just one of those couples that you spend time with only one thing comes to mind, relationship goals!

I could not be more excited for the intimate wedding that they’re planning for this October!


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