Gilbertsville Farmhouse – Wedding – Aly & Evan

Finally! Or should I say FinALY Frank! This wedding has been a very long time in the making and was such a good way to kick off my 2022 wedding season. Aly and Evan’s wedding should have taken place in 2020 but after a long two year wait, they finally tied the knot at Gilbertsville Farmhouse on April 30th!

I will say that although I don’t know them super well, it was very clear that this venue was perfect for them and all of their guests. They love the outdoors, are huge skiers, and are two very laid-back people who just wanted to spend the day with their best friends and family.

Evan and Aly have been together for about 10 years. They’ve been through so much together, more than most. If you didn’t know that going into their wedding you would find that out just from all of the emotions that were felt all day long. My second shooter, Nicole, and I had a chance to talk with Evan one on one while he was finishing up getting ready. It’s funny to me that they were both a little anxious and nervous, even after being together for 10 years. This day meant the world for them to officially become husband and wife after calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend and then fiancé for about a decade.

They had such a fun bridal party surrounding them all day long! Two of them actually were the officiants for the ceremony which was something I hadn’t really seen before. Their two officiant friends them made the wedding ceremony incredibly special and super personalized. Which I think is exactly what they were hoping for! The people that were in attendance meant so much to Aly and Evan that they wanted photo with pretty much every guest that was there. Aly and Evan know how important photographs are to remember the people and events in their life. So, we made every effort to get a photo with all of their guests. 

As some of you may already know, Gilbertsville Farmhouse is one of my all-time favorite venues. From the owners and staff members that work there, to the grounds, tents, all the farm animals and different views that it offers. It’s just the best! I feel like every time I go I get a new experience and this visit definitely did not disappoint. Aly and Evan loved the fact there was a bunch of farm animals well. So much so that they requested some pictures with the baby goats before the day was over. I obviously said “heck yes” to this idea and so baby goat photos were checked off the list!

They also thought it would be really fun to you have each member of their bridal party get together and do a massive champagne pop! Double “heck yes”!! Just imagine 12 people all grouped together spraying champagne at the same time. Although we remained dry, I’m pretty sure everyone else in the bridal party, including the bride and groom, may have gotten a little bit of a champagne shower! 

I truly cannot have imagined a better way to start the wedding season then with these two at incredible venue with all of their gas to travel from all parts of the world! 

Congratulations Evan and Aly!! I’m so excited that you two are finally husband and wife!

Venue – Gilbertsville Farmhouse
Hair & Makeup – 
The Traveling Stylists
Dress – Kleinfeld
Flowers – C&A Event Planning
Music – Silver Arrow Band
Catering/Cake – Birch Hill
Keg Truck – Wandering Wheels

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