Franklin Plaza Wedding – Troy, NY – Amanda & Nick

I hope you’re buckled up for this one because this blog is going to be a good one! I have been excited for Amanda and Nick’s wedding day at Franklin Plaza from the very first phone call that we had. They hadn’t even booked me yet but I knew that Amanda and Nick were totally my people! They just have that warm, welcoming, make you feel like you’ve known them forever kind of vibe and are just so dang chill! I mean, let’s be honest, they’re just freaking awesome!

Fast forward a couple months when I got to meet them for the very first time at their engagement session. I think somehow Amanda is able to channel all of the fierce Beyoncé wind because every time that we’ve worked together the wind decides to make a grand appearance.

Remember when I told you that Amanda and Nick are my people? I mean this in the truest sense! Over the following year leading up to their wedding, Amanda and I would get together every couple months for coffee or lunch just to talk about life, all the wedding details and anything and everything in between.

Amanda texted me one day asking about a day of coordinator. She was getting a little anxious and just wanted help with all the last-minute little things. She also wanted someone to be there during her wedding day just to take the last layer of pressure off. This is where Katie comes in! You could literally see the relief fall off of Amanda‘s shoulders when she hired Katie, from Daisy and Lola Events. Which is all I could ever ask for for any of my couples!

The best way to describe Katie is like a wedding day/event wonder woman! This lady was on top of everything! If somebody needed something she had it and if she didn’t she went and got it! She held the bouquet, carried around all the things, kept everyone on track, and you guys, she just was the absolute best. This might be a little bit of a side tangent, however, if any of you out there are looking for any amount of wedding day stress to be relieved, hire an event coordinator/day of coordinator. Katie stepped in about two months before Amanda‘s wedding and completely took over in the best way! I highly highly highly recommend Katie from Daisy and Lola events. You should consider hiring her if you’re feeling any sort of anxiety around your wedding day or trying to get all of the last-minute things accomplished. She takes all that off your plate and she’s amazing to work with!

During our last get together Amanda had shown me an inspiration photo for the flowers she ordered. I’m pretty sure I looked like a lunatic when I stared at her and the picture she showed me with my mouth so wide open I’m surprised I didn’t swallow a fly. These florals were like nothing I had ever seen before in the best way possible! They were filled with bright pops of color which matched Amanda’s personality to a T! Twin Dahlias nailed Amanda and Nick’s vision perfectly!

The Wedding

The morning of Amanda‘s wedding I remember constantly looking at the clock to see if I could leave yet. I was just so dang excited to be a part of their day, to see all of their decorations and ideas come together, and to hang with them again. I just love these two so much! We walked in a little bit early to one of the best greetings ever! Amanda Pierce had just started doing make up for Amanda when I walked in. Maybe I just have a thing for Amanda‘s because I love Amanda Pierce just as much as I love Amanda Millier! Then I was greeted with a huge hug from Katie and all of the bridesmaids saying their hellos! Then I got to work photographing all of Amanda‘s stunning details that she just was so excited about! One of her bridesmaids designed the invitations which was extra special.

Everyone that morning was so relaxed and happy and just could not wait to party the night away and witness these two get married! Now, for those of you who don’t know Nick and Amanda just think of what the epitome of what a best friend is and then add a whole bunch more love on top of that! The love that they have for each other absolutely radiates off of them when they’re together! In addition to their strong love for each other, they somehow have enough to share it with all of their family and friends. And they love every single one of them in the fiercest way that you can imagine!

The Ceremony

Michelle, they’re officiant, performed one of the coolest ceremonies I think I’ve ever witnessed! Michelle displays the rings in a unique way for every wedding. Right before the rings were placed on each other’s fingers Michelle had asked everybody in attendance to send all of their love and energy into the rings that Amanda and Nick would wear for the rest of their lives! It was truly a beautiful moment!

I’m pretty sure Amanda and Nick danced their way back down the aisle after they were announced as husband and wife! They decided to share a special champagne pop with just the two of them right after the ceremony to kick off their marriage! We spent a little bit more time with them doing a few “just married” photos before we let them go to cocktail hour. I’ve been to Franklin Plaza many many times over the last six years and let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the pops of color like this at a wedding there. It was totally a vibe!

The Reception

They had asked if they could see the room before anybody else so they could see it all together. I love that they decided to do this! Another recommendation for anyone getting married out there, ask your venue if you and your partner could see the reception space before anyone else enters. It’s nice to see everything that you’ve put so much hard work into come together without a bunch of people in it.

After the newlyweds were introduced, they shared their first dance and toasts were given! Then, what no one knew was they the Bride and Groom had a little surprise for everyone in their bridal party. They ICED their bridal party! For those of you who don’t know this, when someone presents you with a Smirnoff Ice, you must take a knee and chug the drink. Which is really making a comeback at weddings this year! Not only did they Ice their bridal party but Amanda and Nick partook in the festivity as well!

From the moment DJ Tru Master introduced the bridal party, the celebration just did not stop! I’m quite sure that my cheeks hurt by the end of the night from smiling throughout the entire reception. We stole the newlyweds away from their reception for just a few minutes to head to the rooftop for some sunset photos. I’m so glad we did this and that they were game for it because it was perfection!

After dinner we did a couple quick group photos and then cut the cake so that the party could really begin! My goodness! This group of people knows how to party! Not only did the bridal party get on their feet but a large majority of their guests and even DJ Tru Master backed it up and broke it down!

There was a moment as I was photographing everyone celebrating that I almost started crying. I have been looking forward to this day for so long, as I’m sure Amanda and Nick and all of their loved ones have as well. It hit me, in that moment while everyone was dancing, that it was almost time for me to go home. I truly did not want the day to be over and was hoping that it could just be extended for a few more hours! However, I will say that I couldn’t wait to go look through all the photos from their day!

I mentioned a few vendors already but I do need to express how incredible each one of them were all day long. I guess I shouldn’t even say all day long because a few of them made an impact on Amanda and Nick well before their wedding day. Lily Saratoga, where Amanda got her dress, treated her like a queen! She loved her experience so much and could not speak highly enough of them. Twin Dahlias absolutely crushed it with the florals and everyone couldn’t stop talking about them. Obviously Katie of Daisy and Lola Events took over and made the day completely stress-free and super easy. Amanda Pierce made everyone glam as usual and Jenna’s Salon did a fabulous job with all the ladies’ hair. DJ true master is an absolute blast to work with and it was very apparent that he was extremely passionate about his job. Franklin plaza and their staff were incredible as usual and Kyle from Kyle Ridlon Productions was amazing to work with as well!

As sad as I am that this incredible day is over, I am beyond grateful to have been a part of it and to document this monumental day for everyone in attendance! Sending the biggest congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Ferrara!!

The Vendors

Planner/Coordinator:  Daisy and Lola Events – Katie Massie
Venue: Franklin Plaza
Hair: Jenna’s Salon
MakeupAmanda Pierce
Dress: Lily Saratoga
Flowers: Twin Dahilas
Music: DJ Truemaster (Say I Tru)
Cakes: The Cakerino
Video: Kyle Ridlon Productions
Stationery: Theresa Harrington Velvet Tree
Photobooth: Smile Lounge
Officiant: Michele Zipp
Engagement Ring:Glennpeter’s 
Wedding Bands: Holden

Black and white wedding invitation surrounded by bright flowers and other bridal details.
Engagement ring and two wedding bands leaning on each other on the bride's sparkly clutch
Two photos of the groom, Nick, getting ready at the Best Western in Troy, NY across the street from Franklin Plaza.
Close up image of bright colorful wedding florals for a wedding at Franklin Plaza in Troy, NY.
Light and airy photographs of a Bride opening up diamond stud earrings on her wedding day from her soon to be husband.
Moments before the first look at Franklin Plaza with both the bride and groom.
Bride and groom looking at each other smiling with large grins after seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day.
Black and white portrait of the Bride and Groom as he kisses her cheek.
Bridal party all in black with with bright colorful bouquets cheering for the bride and groom as the newlyweds kiss in front go the Franklin Plaza Ballroom in Troy, NY.
Bride and Groom holding hands during a holistic ceremony inside Franklin Plaza in Troy, NY photographed by Nicole Weeks Photography.
Bride and Groom sharing their first kiss after their wedding ceremony at Franklin Plaza.
Just married couple popping champagne in downtown Troy, NY in celebration of their wedding.
The wedding reception space at Franklin Plaza ballroom in Troy, NY. Decorated with bright colorful floral arrangements and greenery at every table.
  1. Shari Carr says:

    Beautiful. I work with Amanda and I know how much she was looking forward to marrying Nick. You captured them perfectly

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