8 Chains North Winery Wedding

She fell in love with an Irish man and a few years later they got married at 8 Chains North Winery in Waterford, Virginia! Kelsey and Mark’s love story is anything from typical but more like something you’d read about in a romantic novel. They actually met at a camp in Pennsylvania where all they needed were some marshmallows and a bonfire for their story to begin! Funny enough, that’s how we ended their wedding day too!

Throughout the next few years and many trips from Ireland to the United States and back, their love continued to grow. Not only did their love blossom but their goofiness with each other sealed the deal! Kelsey and Mark are huge Disney fans and are always laughing with each other. Which I’m sure you can see and hear while looking through their wedding photos!

Kelsey was actually a Maid of Honor at Kelsie and Chris’s wedding last year! Which made this day even better since I was able to get to know Kelsey a bit before hand as well as see one of my past couples and former volleyball teammates! Come to think of it, sports seem to be a theme here. Kelsie and I love volleyball and Kelsey loves softball! So much so that she’s now a coach and had all her softball players attend her rehearsal dinner. Just so they could all see her in wedding dress before the big day! Talk about special!

We were lucky enough to be able to photograph Mark and Kelsey’s rehearsal dinner the night before. If this isn’t something you’re considering, I’d rethink that! It was so much fun getting to hang out with the two of them the evening before and document the festivities before the wedding. Plus we stole them for 10 minutes to grab a few informal sunset photos which I absolutely love!

Remember when I said they are huge Disney fans?! They love it so much that they named their tables after movies, complete with little figurines from each one! It was absolutely adorable and all the guests were excited to see which movie they were. It’s little details like this that bring out the couple’s personalities and things they enjoy together, that make a wedding day different!

So much thought and energy was put into making Kelsey and Mark’s intimate wedding unique and special! Custom shirts for the bridal party and parents. Curating their dinner menu to incorporate their favorite foods (excellent choice with the chicken and waffles Mark!). Disney themed tables for their reception. A mix of Irish and American chocolates as favors for their guests (which was very appreciated on our long drive home). You name it, they thought of it all!

Couldn’t have asked to be anywhere else than 8 Chains North on June 18th to celebrate Kelsey and Mark Manning!

Venue: 8 Chains North Winery
Planner/Coordinator: Clover Hill Events
Hair/Makeup: Jamie Daugistno & Ashlynn Klicka
Dress: Stellas Bridal
Flowers: Shelley’s Flower Emporium
Music: Dream Dj’s 
Officiant: Bill Bacci (Family friend)
Caterer: Polished Foxx 
Cake: Bel Fieore Cakes
Video: Forcier Films

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    Absolutely beautiful bride! Best wishes always💚

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