Stablegate Barn & Winery Wedding

Stablegate Barn and Winery was the perfect location for Meagan and Greg’s wedding! Meagan is thoroughly invested in the equestrian lifestyle so a Barn venue was a must. It definitely gave off some similar vibes to where we had their engagement session at The Sablewood. Their rustic and elegant vibe was fully achieved and the celebration was epic!!

There are not enough words to fully describe, how thoroughly impressed I am with Meagan! This bride is incredibly unique, and put in more work than I think any other bride I have ever worked with. She took DIY to a whole other level! Before I get into details, I’m just gonna throw out there that Megan learned to sew specifically to create things for her wedding day. If that isn’t pure DIY dedication I have no idea what it is!  

Walking into the Airbnb, where Meagan and all of her girls were getting ready, was like walking into a bubble of fun and excitement! Within moments of walking through that door, one of Meagan‘s bridesmaids, MaryAnne (who just so happens to be a future bride of mine) handed me a giant cookie as well as a cookie recipe book as a thank you gift!! Meagan knows how much I love cookies and this recipe book will definitely be put to good use! She’s just the sweetest!

Meagan’s box of details was the most extensive I’ve ever photographed! Because of all the items she made and created, there was a lot to shoot. I’m certain I’ll forget a few things here but I have to list as many things as I can remember that Meagan had made for her wedding day. You ready? Because it’s a hearty list!

DIY Projects

Wedding invitation suit
Bridal shower invitation 
Reception Invitation
Robes for herself, all her bridesmaids and the mothers
Tags for each hanger
All the ties for the Groom and Dads
All signage 
Earrings for all bridesmaids
Card box
Corn hole boards
Flower cones for the ceremony
Cake Stand

Meagan and Greg are some of the kindest couples you’ll ever meet! They laugh constantly and are total goofballs together. The joy and love they have for each other is contagious! Not smiling or laughing when around them is impossible. These two were totally meant to be and I can attest that all of their wedding guests would agree!

I do have to highlight something really cool that they did at the beginning of their ceremony. They called it “The Photo Minute”! Having an unplugged ceremony was a must for them but they still wanted their guests to have the photo everyone wants to take. A picture of the bride and groom during the ceremony! Once they made it down the aisle and got to their places, their officiant, Greg’s Father, announced the start of The Photo Minute. All guests had a few moments to take out their photos, photograph the Bride and Groom, and then tuck their cameras and cell phones away. This was perfect for an unplugged ceremony and so all guests could be fully present while they said their vows!

So many special things occurred throughout their wedding day I’d have to write a book to describe them in it’s entirety. From all the DIY custom creations Meagan made, to the gifts they gave to their parents, the love they had for each other and everyone there, and beyond. Their outdoor Fall wedding was the perfect day for all!


Venue: Stablegate Barn & Winery
Hair/Makeup: Make Me Glamorous
Dress: Essence of Australia bought from Lily Saratoga
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie
Flowers: White Lotus Floral Design
Music: Complete Weddings Plus
Catering: Birch Hill Catering
Video: Complete Weddings Plus
Photo Booth: Complete Weddings Plus
Stationary: The Bride herself!
Cake: Coccadotts Bake Shop

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