Intimate Backyard Wedding

5 weeks. 5 weeks was all Brandon and Lauren had to plan their wedding! Thank goodness for the ladies over at SBM Event Co., especially Amanda, for taking all the pressure off this couple and planning their dream day! Lauren and Brandon decided they wanted to have an intimate backyard wedding. But not any backyard, the backyard of their brand new home they purchased together!

Fun fact, they hadn’t even moved in to their house before having their wedding there! It’s pretty cool that one of their earliest memories of owning their home is going to be their wedding day. Couldn’t think of any better way to welcome not only themselves but their closest family and friends into their home!

To make things even sweeter, a long time friend of Lauren’s was their officiant! He even sabered a bottle of champagne after announcing them married! It was quite something! Ben and Jerry’s made a late night appearance as well. Who doesn’t love ice cream, even if it was in the 60’s?!

Couldn’t be happier for Lauren and Brandon to finally be husband and wife and for starting their married life in their new home!


Planner: SBM Events Co. (Amanda Trackey)
Makeup: Strut Spalontique (Kait Bray)
Hair: Strut Spalontique (Hair by Katie Anne)
Gown: Town Shop Bridal
Something Borrowed & Central Market Florist
Greenvelope & Zazzle
Dan Haemmerle
Catering & Cake: Cafe Calabria

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