Torrey Pines Engagement Session – San Diego

One day in November, my sister called and asked if I wanted to go to San Diego. Of course, my answer was YES, especially since I’ve never been to California before. About a week later I received an inquiry from a lovely couple named Brittany and Drew. They’re getting married in Ithaca, NY at The Inn at Taughannock, however, they don’t live in New York. They just so happen to live in… you guessed it, San Diego! I told Brittany and Drew that I would be there in January! Then asked if they wanted to do their engagement session in San Diego. In the place that they met and now where they live. Their answer was a “heck yes” and the planning process begin!

Brittany and Drew had some ideas of what they wanted to do for their engagement photos. Going to Modern Times Brewery, where they had their very first date, was a must. The for more of a nature vibes we would go to Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. The stunning coastline of California and a special brewery were the perfect locations. We also had to included their dog, Kodi, because if you own a dog, you know they’re like your child! 

I felt like I was reconnecting with old friends from the moment we said hello! These two are so much fun, super cute together and are 100% my people! Their personalities, mixed with some craft beer, an adorable pup and a beautiful place was perfection! All I kept saying throughout their engagement session was WOW!!! Sometimes I just get way too excited and have to share a picture to with my couple from the back of my camera. Every time I did this, Brittany cried. I kept saying that I would show her one more, but she had to promise me that she wouldn’t tear up. She truly did a really good job, but some were just too good to hold back the tears! 

Because I was on a little girls trip with my sister I didn’t bring my computer with me. Which meant that they had to be even more patient because it was going to take a few days for me to get them a few preview images. I could hardly wait to get to work editing on these fun photos we created together! Not that I’m trying to rush time whatsoever, but I cannot wait for September to come around to get to see Brittany and Drew again and photograph their wedding day and another gorgeous location. Except this time it’s going to be on the East Coast instead of the West Coast. 

Just a piece of advice for anyone looking to do engagement pictures, make it personal! Incorporatin things, that you and your partner share an interest in or do together or if have a special place makes your shoot way more meaningful!! It’ll make your engagement session experience better than normal, (especially if you work with me, wink, wink) and it’ll I had an even more personal touch these images that will last you a lifetime! 

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