Winter Date Nights near Albany, NY

Winter date nights in very chilly and snow filled Albany, NY can be tough. A large majority of us would probably rather stay in our warm homes. Probably cuddled up with some blankets watching tv with a hot drink. Nothing at all wrong with that but it’s gets a little boring after months of the Winter season. There is so much to do in New York’s Capital Region! So here are a few ideas for your next Winter Date.

Go to a hockey game at MVP Arena

Check out what’s happening at the MVP Arena in Albany! From sports like hockey, basketball, to concerts and a whole bunch events in between, there is always something going on there. Head to their website to take a peek at their calendar!

Grab a drink at an Ice Bar

There is no shortage of unique restaurants near Albany, NY. In the Winter a few of them use their outdoor patios to create an ice bar for a one of a kind experience. If you are looking for an ice bar, check out The Mill at Round Lake about 20 minutes north of Albany. If you don’t make it to the ice bar, The Mill is a great restaurant year round. I love going there in the Summer and sitting out on their patio by the fountain,

Head to Saratoga

Take a drive a little ways North, head to Saratoga for the day! Take a walk down Broadway, grab a coffee, pop into some shops, walk the loop around Congress Park, and stop for some lunch of dinner. There are tons of restaurants all up and down Broadway in Saratoga!

Spirit of Life sculpture in Congress Park in Saratoga Springs, NY. A perfect spot for a date night.


If you’d rather embrace the great outdoors, head out for a hike! You don’t have to go far to find some great hikes around New York’s Capital Region. From the Adirondack’s through the Catskills, there are hikes for everyone. Check out for local hikes around your area. They are rated from easy to hard and fellow hikers update the conditions of each trail.

Try out a new restaurant

Fun and delicious restaurants around Albany and Saratoga, NY are easy to come by! There always seems to be a new restaurant popping up somewhere. I highly recommend staying away from chain restaurants, stick with locally owned! Some of my favorite places are Wheatfields, 550 Waterfront, Fruit Loop, Druther’s, Iron Gate Cafe, O’Slattery’s, The Shaker and Vine, and The Old English.

There are plenty of other restaurants that I’d love to try but haven’t yet been. So in case you want to try those out, here are a few: Salt & Char, The Hollow, The Loft at 205, Dove & Deer, Hamlet & Ghost, and Rhea.

Hit up the local farmers market

I’m a huge Farmer’s Market girl and there are some really good markets around Albany. One of my favorites is the Troy Farmers Market. It’s year round and there are tons of vendors! Head to the Farmer’s Market and get everything you need to make a dinner from scratch. It might just be one of the best dinners you’ll make! I’m sure they’ll have plenty of meats and cheeses so go ahead and make a charcuterie board as well!

Check out what’s happening at Proctor’s Theater

If you still want to stay indoors during the Winter but want something fun to do, check out Proctor’s Theater! They always have different shows, musicals, and plays going on. Before you go, take a stroll down Jay Street and grab a bite to eat!

Game night

Who doesn’t love a good old game night?! This one you don’t even have to leave you house for! Rather than watching tv, put on some music and play some games with each other! Some of the easiest games to play with just to people include dice and cards, that’s it! It’s a simple way to spend some quality time together without stepping foot into the Winter air.

Slide down the slopes at West Mountain

Want to go play outside? Head to West Mountain for some skiing, snowboarding and tubing! Make sure to check their website for hours of operation and upcoming events!

Visit some local Breweries

From Lake George to South of Albany, NY there are plenty of incredible breweries to visit! Maybe you want to visit all 4 locations of Druther’s Breweries in one day. You’ll hit Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga, and Schenectady. Each city offering something else for you to do after a pint of their locally brewed beers. A few other breweries I recommend are Active Ingredient in Malta, Brown’s Brewing in Troy, Bound By Fate in Schuylerville, Frog Alley Brewing in Schenectady and Fort Orange Brewing in Albany.

Rent an Airbnb or stay at The Adelphi

Maybe you just want to relax but somewhere else than your own home. There are plenty of Airbnb rentals around the Capital Region. If a hotel is more your style, book a room at the luxurious Adelphi Hotel in Downtown Saratoga. There are plenty of dining options right inside the hotel and all along Broadway. They even offer a 10% discount if you’re a local resident who lives within 50 miles of Saratoga (restrictions apply)! So go ahead and treat yourselves and visit the spa there too!

Education building in downtown Albany, NY. This post has ideas for different winter date nights around the Capital Region.

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