Ballston Spa Engagement Session

Where do I even begin with Carrie and Cody’s Ballston Spa Engagement Session? It may just be one of my favorite shoots ever because of how customized it was! This newly engaged couple really wanted to highlight some things that made up their relationship. Right down to their most desired and rare kind of chips! Does it get any more personalized than that?

We met up at Shenantaha Creek Park in Ballston Spa which runs through the Zim Smith Trail. A popular place for people to walk, bike, and run in Saratoga County. It also includes tons of space which is perfect for an engagement session!

Carrie and Cody met in Pennsylvania where they both grew up. Work brought them up to New York’s Capital region but they needed to bring a piece of their home town with them. Cue Middleswarth BBQ chips! They enjoy these chips so much they needed to be in their engagement pictures and they made me try some too. I can confidently say these chips were BOMB!

Not only are they Middleswarth Chip lovers, they are also avid Yahtzee players! I’m talking about having a custom Yahtzee score book that they keep track of every game they play together. When they told me this I knew we had to include the game somehow in their photos too. I’m pretty sure we nailed it! To top it all off, we needed to include something tie dye as well. So they brought a the dye blanket to sit on and play Yahtzee while eating chips!

This Ballston Spa Engagement Session will always be one of my favorites. Carrie and Cody are the sweetest and goofiest couple you’ll ever meet. After spending some time with them throughout their engagement session I couldn’t picture a better partner for each of them. They compliment each other so well and are filled with an abundance of love for one another, it’s a beautiful thing!

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