Fresh and fun updated headshots are a necessity for any small business owner! Your customers and clients are sometimes more likely to purchase your product or service when they can see of photo of the owner(s). Having a friendly face posted on your social media and on your website is crucial! Especially when providing a service for someone where you’ll work closely with them.

Headshots and branding sessions are important to do yearly. Sometimes monthly makes more sense if you have products or services constantly changing. Most importantly, keeping your online presence professional and updated makes your business look even more legit!

Melissa from SBM Event Company reached out to have updated headshots created of herself and her right hand lady, Amanda. Working with these two is such a delight! During events and weddings, they’re all smiles and a blast to work as well as behind the scenes. This dynamic duo specializes in custom design for events and planning. They’ll go above and beyond for their clients and always find a way to make things beyond gorgeous.

SBM Event Company is located in both Upstate NY as well as in Charleston, SC. They deliver a luxury experience for everyone they work with. In addition to their eye for detail, high end style and love for trendsetting celebrations.

We snuck in a few quick branding images after a their headshots. Although Melissa is the CEO of SBM Events, she couldn’t do it without her sidekick, Amanda. Grabbing a few photos of the two of them together was absolutely necessary! With Melissa’s subscription to Palette in Schenectady, NY. Palette is a unique cowering space with a creative design perfect for small business owners and people who work from home. It just so happens to offer some beautiful natural light as well.

Here are a few of my favorite from my afternoon with the ladies at SBM Events Company at Palette!

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