Funny Wedding Moment

I’ve been to over 100 weddings and thought it would be fun to share one of my funny wedding moments so far. Let me just go ahead and set the scene for you…

Before the wedding ceremony began my second shooter and I typically photograph candids of guests and any ceremony details that we can see. This particular wedding took place at beautiful barn venue called The Stablegate Farm and Vineyard in Castleton-On-Hudson in Upstate NY. It was a gorgeous September day and the couple opted for an outdoor ceremony.

The bride created beautiful paper cones filled with flower petals. The idea being for their guests to toss as they walked down the aisle. They were beautiful yellow rose petals with a hint of orange. As their guests arrived they were invited to take a flower cone before finding their seats. At this time, I made my way to the front of the ceremony space. Standing near where the bride and groom would soon be married.

I noticed that the guest in front of me didn’t have any flower petals. We had time before the ceremony began so I asked if they wanted me to go grab them some. They shook their head no with embarrassment which left me quite confused. So I asked “Are you sure? I don’t mind.”. Their response was…

“I actually already had some.” Still confused by what they were saying I then questioned “Oh, did you drop them? They is plenty left”. She looked directly at me and said “Well I thought they were potato chips. So I ate them after quickly realizing they were flower petals”. Pure shock came across my face. Followed up by shared laughter between this guest and myself.

This poor guest was a little hungry and ended up eating some flower petals because they thought they were chips. I could not contain my laughter and she then laughed with me along with the guests who overheard our conversation. Unfortunately, I sometimes cannot contain my guffaw and it also came with tears this time. So there I am at the front of the ceremony waiting for the precessional to begin crying with laughter with this sweet guest who just wanted some potato chips.

I’m fortunate enough to have a second shooter who is always watching all the things. She so graciously was able to document this moment for me. Over the last 7+ years of being a wedding photographer this definitely made it on my list of funny wedding moments.

Wedding photographer in the Albany, NY area laughing with wedding guests before the ceremony during a funny wedding moment.

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