Keene Valley Elopement

Just below Lake Placid, Mindy and David celebrated the beginning of their marriage during their Keene Valley Elopement. They were looking for a place that was easily accessible that had grand Adirondack mountains with the serenity of water close by. The perfect spot was already in mind and located in the scenic town of Keene Valley in New York.

Mindy and David wanted to keep their wedding day intimate and meaningful. For them eloping made the most sense. The Adirondacks in Upstate New York was a special place for them as they visited as often as possible. The memories they created together over the years are some of their favorite. Eloping in a place that holds so much meaning was really important to them.

Marcy Field in Keene Valley gave Mindy and David everything they were looking for to celebrate their elopement. With easy to get to locations, plenty of variety, and other magical Adirondack places close by, it’s everything they desired.

Privacy during a Keene Valley Elopement

Couples often worry about having privacy during their elopement in the Adirondacks and other popular locations. There are plenty of ways to avoid crowds and other hikers and tourists. Mindy and David really wanted privacy during their Keene Valley elopement so we chose a weekday rather than a weekend. Throughout our time together we only encountered a few fishermen and one other couple walking their dog. These two had total privacy during their weekday elopement, especially during sunset!

Locations in Keene Valley

The Adirondacks offer so many amazing spots for elopements but there are plenty of locations in Keene Valley for epic photos! With a mixture of lush green mountains, serene ponds and a babbling brook, we explored multiple locations to give them tons of variety. Each place we went to offered a completely different backdrop and were only minutes apart from each other.

Elopement Activities

Rather than hiking up a mountain or doing a lot of adventure during their Adirondack Elopement, Mindy and David wanted to keep things simple. In addition to multiple locations they wanted to have a mimosa toast! It was also important that David got to wear his favorite hat in some of his elopement photos because he’s rarely seen without wearing it.

It’s special touches like this that are extremely meaningful that make each elopement unique. Keene Valley, Lake Placid and the rest of the Adirondacks offer so many beautiful locations. But it’s the personal touches from each couple that sets each elopement apart. Adding in personality and doing things that best represent your relationship will make your elopement memorable and customized.

This Keene Valley elopement was so special for Mindy and David. They spent the rest of their time in the Adirondacks exploring Lake Placid and the surrounding areas to kick off the first days of their marriage.

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