Learn how to be an incredible assistant photographer so that you leave a lasting impression on other photographers while capturing your own images to attract your own dream clients.

Imagine opening your calendar and seeing your weekends filled with jobs working with high end wedding photographers! 

question for Beginner Photographers:

Being asked to photograph a wedding can be a daunting task if you have never done it before. I'm here to show you that it doesn't have to be! With a little experience and some guidance, you'll gain confidence to say yes to every single wedding photographer who asks you to be their assistant photographer no matter how much experience they have in the industry.

You could finally have confidence to start photographing weddings?

You love the idea of weddings but don't want to edit

You’re struggling to break into the wedding market

You want to photograph more than just seniors and families

I bet you're feeling a little frustrated like when you're having an awesome hair day but the wind wrecks it. Trust me, I get it! Once upon a time I was also flustered on where to find second shooting jobs, how to get rebooked by photographers, and how to create a wedding portfolio to attract and book my own couples. Lucky for you, I've cracked the code and created a course on exactly how to do this. This course is great for you if...

Getting started is the hardest part.

let's be honest, though

Make $40+/per hour so you can quit your day job and become a full time wedding photographer

Be a confidant photographer on a wedding day

Create a wedding portfolio to attract your own dream couples

So you can:

Imagine being a second shooter to the top wedding photographers in your area.

You can do this!


I've been an assistant photographer (aka second shooter) since 2015 and have photographed well over 100 weddings. I started out just like you. With all the knowledge on how to create a beautiful image and a desire to be a wedding photographer but, I had no idea where to begin. After trying and failing to work with other wedding photographers, I finally figured out the exact steps to consistently land second shooting jobs and I want to help you do the same! My goal is to help you become a second shooter, show you how you can leave a lasting impression on lead photographers, and have your calendar fully booked with those beautiful weddings you've been dreaming about.

I'm Nicole! I can't wait to help you become an amazing assistant photographer!


Giving photographers a roadmap for breaking into the wedding industry through second shooting with confidence so they can leaving a lasting impression and get you booked on repeat!

The Fully Booked Assistant Photographer

Here's What's Included:

all the good stuff

Email templates to send to other wedding photographers when asking to work with them

Where to find second shooting jobs

Begin searching for photographers to work with

A roadmap of how to find second shooting jobs, what to say when inquiring, and how to book weddings with dream photographers in your area

How to Find & Book Weddings

module One

Fail proof emergency kit to impress the lead and be prepared for everything that might happen

Questions to ask the lead photographer

Gear requirements and recommendations

Being prepared to photograph a wedding is essential 

Wedding Day Prep

module Two

What you should be taking photos of from getting ready throughout the reception

How to represent the lead photographer well

Where to be so you get the shot but aren't in the way

We'll go over all of the standard duties you'll need to know so nothing is missed

Wedding Day

module Three

How to use the images to create a stunning portfolio

A guide on how to get rebooked for more weddings

Delivering images to the lead photographer

Putting all those beautiful images you took to work

Post Wedding

module Four

In the first bonus lesson we'll talk all about pricing as a second photographer and in the other you'll learn how to stand out in a saturated market as a second shooter!

Two additional modules included if you join today!

I've been right where you are. Dreaming of photographing weddings but not knowing where to begin. I cracked the code and I'm ready to share it all with you! With biweekly live coaching calls, I will giving you a roadmap on how to make your wedding photography dreams come true. You'll know exactly how to have your calendar as booked up as you want it to be all while growing your wedding portfolio to transition into shooting your own weddings!

What Sets The Fully Booked Assistant Photographer Apart? 

Become a part of a private community to ask questions on the daily and get feedback.

Daily Support

There are biweekly live coaching calls to get support and guidance along this journey

Coaching Calls

Once you're all signed up, connect to our coaching call calendar and dive into the lessons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the digital nature of this course, there are no refunds


Everyone will have different results depending on how much effort you put. Let's say you begin charging $50/hour to be an assistant photographer. You will make your money back by shooting about 4 weddings!

How long do I have access to thr program?

You'll have lifetime access to all of the lessons. Plus you'll receive 12 weeks of bi-weekly coaching calls and daily support. My goal is to help you fill your calendar with second shooting jobs on repeat to quit your day job and build your portfolio to book your own dream wedding clients.

You're ready to have a calendar full of second shooting jobs

Gain Confidence as an assistant photographer

You want to Grow your wedding portfolio

This is Perfect For You If...

you aren't willing to put yourself out there

you're don't want to put the work in

you Aren't willing to try something new

This Probably  Isn't For You If...

The Fully Booked Assistant Photographer has everything you need to begin photographing weddings with the top wedding photographers in your area!