If it wasn't for my love of shooting weddings and preserving joy filled moments, I'd be a professional cookie eater. I'm not sure if that's a legitimate career but I would find a way to make it happen!

If I'm not photographing weddings or baking something sweet, I'm usually outside on a hike with my family, traveling somewhere to explore a new part of this gorgeous world, tending to my plants or out on the golf course with my love. I'm always ready to be whisked away on a new adventure, pink suitcase packed full and passport in hand!

About  Nicole


The world is far too big for us to sit in one place. It's meant to be traveled and explored! Nothing excites me more than booking a flight on a whim and packing my bag to visit somewhere new. My list of places to visit in my lifetime grows a little each day!


I'm pretty sure that cookies were my first true love! There are so many different flavors, sizes, ingredient combinations, the possibilities are endless. Cookies are my go to snack and you bet they are always packed in my carryon when going on a trip! I cannot come up with a single favorite cookie but I do make a really good oatmeal chocolate chip!


I heard once that having plants in your home is beneficial to your health in many ways. So I decided to fill as many spots in my house with the easiest plants to take care of! I'm still working on my green thumb but I love watching these beauties grow!

Printed Photographs

I couldn't tell you how many printed pictures I have because there are far too many to count! My family keeps our photographs in shoeboxes, photo albums, and in frames throughout each of our homes. We pull out the tote bins filled to the brim of pictures from our past and remember the moments that have been engraved into our legacy that will live on after we're gone. 

Snail Mail

There is something about receiving an unexpected letter or package that always makes me smile! It’s easy to pick up a phone and send a message but to receive a handwritten letter is extra special and means so much more!

This goes hand in hand with my cookie obsession! Growing up I would always want to make the birthday cake or cupcakes for my family. During high school I'd always make treats and bring them in! At one point I worked in a bakery and was in charge of all sugar cookies and decorating cupcakes. I loved that job! 


My Favorite Things

with love,

I witnessed an emotion unfold. It was stronger than love, more powerful than appreciation and filled with hope.
I walk through the home of the very first wedding I ever shot. The walls covered with photographs from their wedding, the wedding that changed my life’s path.

We sat, gathered around the table where both of their families would come together to create new memories as one. The table that would be the center of new traditions, heart to hearts, and where they would soon show their grandchildren the photographs of their wedding. I opened up their gallery and let the slideshow play. As they saw their wedding day unfold for the second time before their eyes, I watched them. They shared glances that filled each other’s soul with love and happiness.

HowI got here

I can't take all the credit for making wedding days extra special. If it weren't for my second shooter/best friend things definitely wouldn't run as smoothly.

Meet Nicole! Yes, you ready that right. We're both named Nicole and it's not weird, I promise. It actually makes things a whole lot easier because you'll only have one name to remember! 

Nicole began shooting with me in 2018 and has been my right hand second shooter since! She's a wifey, a mom to three incredible kiddos, a sucker for a good snickerdoodle cookie, one of the most down to Earth humans you'll ever meet and honestly, she's just the best! Oh and she's not afraid to bust a move at any moment, especially if Bruno Mars comes on!

Seeing Double

A Few Fun Facts

I don't go anywhere without bringing snacks. Even when running to the grocery store, you'll still find a granola bar or protein cookie in my center console. I have a special snack pack in my camera bag complete with gummies for hungry flower girls and ring bearers!

Lacing up my hiking boots and going on an adventure is one of my favorite things to do. It could be a trail at a local state park or hiking up the Flat Irons in Colorado! I'm always up for climbing a mountain and being outside!

I love trying new things! Whether it's a new food, an adventure or something totally different, trying something new is always exciting! 

I'd consider myself to be a plant Mom with the countless succulents and plants that fill my home! I never said I was a good plant Mom... but I'm working on it!

I truly believe that cookies should be their own food group and eating them for every meal should be acceptable! I've definitely eaten them for breakfast more times than I'd like to admit.

My best friend's name is also Nicole. Her family calls me "Dee Dee Dah", a name given to me by her son, so there's never any confusion. I shot her wedding in 2018 and was a bridesmaid! Nicole second shoots and assists me from time to time too!

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Next on my bucket list... ICELAND!