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Every moment of your wedding day holds a special spot in your heart. May it be a love letter from your soon to be spouse in the morning, handwritten vows exchanged before your first kiss, your first dance as a married couples or a glance at each other during a speech that needs no words. In these moments, real, true, everlasting love is expressed. Small moments in time that will be your biggest memories as you begin your lives together.

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Minutes fly by when you are having fun and years turn into decades with the blink of an eye. 50 years from now you’ll look back on life and wonder where all of the time went. Each year so many changes occur within our lives that we often forget to take some time to document the years as they pass. Always take the picture because you will regret every photograph you don't take.

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Building a business while pouring your heart, soul, and values into your dream is a special kind of determination, hard work and a bit of magic. With a vision in mind of how your want your product or service displayed and advertised social media goes into affect. Having a cohesive brand and message will help attract your ideal clients while showing examples and snippets of your business drives interest, clarity and the final sale. Creating or refreshing imagery for your business allows you to connect with your dream clients and customers while looking extra legit!

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- Carrie Hover

I am so amazed with Nicole Weeks and her photography business: Nicole Weeks Photography. My family & I had the pleasure of having Nicole work with us for a family photography session. Nicole was not on time for our session, but actually early and already set up before we arrived. Nicole was very patient with us; it was me and my 6 years old twins- so right there you can imagine how interesting this shoot was! Nicole’s wonderful, kind and energetic personality was a huge asset to making this photo-shoot a success. Nicole took the time to make sure we all felt comfortable, she was very creative with all of our poses and made it so much fun. Nicole was very quick in getting these pictures ready for my review, so that I would be able to order the pictures right away. Photography is not just a job for Nicole, it is definitely her passion. I highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for photography services. 

- Samantha Elmaghraby

We couldn't be happier with our amazing engagement and wedding pictures! Nicole was more than a pleasure to work with. It's because of her uncanny talent of capturing simple beauty and raw/genuine emotion that we'll be able to live those special moments over and over again each time we look at her work. We get to have the most amazing-once in a lifetime- photo album of the day we said 'I do!'... An album that truly exceeded my best expectations and then some! On top of the fabulous work, she was so relaxed, so much fun, and went the extra mile to see our wedding exactly how we needed her to! With all the chaos that is 'wedding', she didn't miss a single shot, which is beyond impressive. Thank you Nicole! You should be so proud of how talented you are!

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