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You know when you’re young and dream up all the things you are going to be when you grow up? An astronaut, a firefighter, the president. Well I think at one point my sister wanted to be a hairdresser. Not only did my hair already have a mind of its own but she thought she […]

Playing dress up was one of our most favorite things to do at my grandma’s house. We were there quite often it seemed which meant we played dress up a ton! There was a tote in one of her guest bedrooms behind a white, accordion style closet door. I’m positive that when ever my grandma […]

On the night of January 12th my sister and I were rushed to my grandma’s house in the next town over from ours. We knew that our mom had gone into labor and couldn’t wait to hear if we gained another sister or a baby brother. We spent the time watching Disney movies on VHS […]

You know that favorite outfit you have? The one when you put it on makes you feel like a million bucks? For me, this was my million dollar outfit. Since I was little my favorite color was pink, which I never outgrew and I had an obsession with Disney princesses, Ariel was my favorite (and […]

This. This photograph is one of the may reasons why printing your pictures is so important. It has survived floods, moving boxes, display cases, and storage bins. This photograph was taken in 1963 and is currently 56 years old. I came across it in the attic of my dad’s garage in one of the bins […]

The holiday season is long gone until the end of this year but I couldn’t resist sharing this Christmas photo. It’s in the running to be one of my favorite photos from my childhood. The dress I wore was black velvet on the top with a shimmery grey skirt that twirled with perfection. The scarf […]

It was April 21st, 1994 at 9:04am. I came into this world screaming and not wanting to be held by anyone, my mom is sure to bring this up at least once a month. I was my parents 2nd child, my sister being born on September 14th, 1992. They had been married for about 4 […]

Way back in the year 2000 I kneeled on the high mahogany chairs over the white tiled counter in my grandmother’s kitchen. A spoon in each hand with a big bowl of chocolate cake mix next to me. One could say more cake mix ended up in my belly than in the cupcake papers (notice […]

Bethany Beach, Delaware! This was one of my favorite places as a kid. My uncle owned a condo, you can see it behind us, and the view was nothing but the beach! It seemed we were there quite often, maybe once a year or so while we younger. One summer we caught a ton of […]

When my sister and I were younger my parents always took us to JC Penny or Sears to get our annual pictures taken. I can’t help but smile as I look through these pictures, especially this one. My big sister, Katie, from the day I was born, had always had my back. Unless of course […]