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2019 – What a Year! It’s the very last day of 2019 and what a year it was! From many trips for work and pleasure to proposals, moves, big news, and everything in between. For a while I’ve been trying to some up with a single word that describes this past year and anything I […]

10 Thing You Didn’t Know About Me These posts are my favorite because it lets you get to know me a little bit better than you did before and may also give you a giggle or two! When I was a young child probably around the age of 5 I had a white dinosaur helmet […]

What I did for my 25th birthday A quarter century, the big 25, officially half way to 50… whoah. For a while I was having a really tough time trying to figure out how I wanted to celebrate this milestone of a birthday. I could go on a trip, have a big party, have people […]

My Adventure Bucket List The list of places I want to go explore is endless. I’ve lived in a small country town my whole life and seeing other places always excites me! Here are a few adventures I’d like to go on within the next few years: National Parks in Arizona and Utah – An […]

Money Saving Tips You many not know this but I don’t always love going out shopping. In fact for most of my years growing up I detested it and had to be in the right mood to even want to walk into a store. Thank goodness for the internet and online shopping, am I right? […]

Greenfield, MA Proposal I had this trip planned for just over two months. It was my Christmas present to Jake to go on a long weekend adventure in Boston. On our way there I wanted to stop in the tiny town where my photography journey began and where I spent one of the best years […]

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 12 Have you ever gone to a portrait studio for family photos and they make you lie down on a table that has blanket or carpeting on it? I have. Being the youngest meant I was the one lying on the bottom while my sister sat next to […]

5 Real Life Confessions Let’s take a moment to get real about life shall we? Everyone has those things that they would rather not admit to people but to show you I’m just another twenty something chasing my dreams I thought I may share a few confessions. I still live with my parents… oh, there […]

The Back End of Wedding Photography So often I hear people say “Your job is so cool, you just get to take pictures all day” and “Wow, you have a nice camera”. If all someone had to do was go buy a “nice camera” and then take pictures all day, anyone could be a professional […]

The story of Jake and I Is was way back in 2010, I think, when my world collided with a fiercely handsome young man. His dirty blonde hair swooped to the side with ease while he placed his flat brim Syracuse hat, backwards and a little to the side, on his head. He played soccer, […]