I’m Nicole Weeks, a portrait and wedding photographer based in Upstate New York. Grab some cookies and enjoy viewing some of my latest work!

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If I’m being honest, it was crazy hard trying to pick just one recipe because I have so many favorite Christmas cookies!! If it wasn’t so cold out it might be my favorite time of year solely because there are so many cookies everywhere! The more I thought about it I realized there is one […]

Sometimes I struggle to let go of the carefree days of summer…but then I remember that it means that it’s fall! What a glorious time of year and there are so many fun fall events in Tioga County. Me? I try to pack them ALL in, but if you don’t have time, I highly suggest picking […]

So… I have a huge confession to make. It may come as a huge shock to some people and it may upset people but just hear me out! We all have those things that we try not to tell anyone because they may look at us funny or they may start to think we aren’t […]

You work full time, you volunteer, you have kids, a significant other, parents. There’s laundry, and groceries and yard work. It seems like there are always a million things to do, and yet, those days still only last 24 hours each. Oh, yeah, and you should probably eat and sleep, too. Many of us, as […]

As a photographer, I have to travel a lot. As a photographer, I GET to travel a lot. Whether near or far, many times I find myself on the road; to an engagement shoot by the lake or in the mountains of New York, or to an out-of-state wedding. Over the years, I’ve created a […]

Way back in February my sister, Katie, and I started chatting about ideas for my mom’s 50th birthday. We knew it had to be big, it had to be a surprise, and it had to top anything anyone has ever done for her! After going back and fourth with ideas we finally  decided on a […]

You know those spontaneous adventures in life that just make your life complete?! Well, on the Fourth of July this year that’s exactly what happened! It was my mom’s 50th birthday and after lunch we all came back to her house to enjoy the crazy hot day. My parents house had been under construction for […]

Have you ever wanted something so bad you would take a spontaneous hour and a half drive on a Saturday just to go get it? I’m not going to lie people… I did this to go get macrons… This is a judgment free zone here okay, just want to make that clear! I was craving […]

It’s day 45 of my wedding season workout and I want to give you an update at how it’s going and what a major difference it has made!

Winter Storm Stella continues to pour down with snow over the North East and it’s the perfect day to bake up some cookies and I have the perfect recipe for you! These are the best cookies ever! Click on the link to get one of the best cookie recipes in the whole world!