On this very day (October 30th, 2020) FIVE years ago, I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography. I first have to say how insane it is to me that 5 years have already gone by. It seams like just the other day that I was walking the halls of Hallmark, camera in hand, living one […]

By this point you already know how much I absolutely loved my college experience at Hallmark Institute of Photography. It was the best 10 months of my life and I would go back and do it all again if I could! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite memories from […]

Hold on to your hats guys because I’m about to share something BIG! 2020 has been a year filled with ups, downs and everything in between. It’s been an emotional roller coaster for pretty much everyone on this planet and I am no exception. In an effort to keep with the 2020 style of things I […]

2019 – What a Year! It’s the very last day of 2019 and what a year it was! From many trips for work and pleasure to proposals, moves, big news, and everything in between. For a while I’ve been trying to some up with a single word that describes this past year and anything I […]

10 Thing You Didn’t Know About Me These posts are my favorite because it lets you get to know me a little bit better than you did before and may also give you a giggle or two! When I was a young child probably around the age of 5 I had a white dinosaur helmet […]

What I did for my 25th birthday A quarter century, the big 25, officially half way to 50… whoah. For a while I was having a really tough time trying to figure out how I wanted to celebrate this milestone of a birthday. I could go on a trip, have a big party, have people […]

My Adventure Bucket List The list of places I want to go explore is endless. I’ve lived in a small country town my whole life and seeing other places always excites me! Here are a few adventures I’d like to go on within the next few years: National Parks in Arizona and Utah – An […]

Money Saving Tips You many not know this but I don’t always love going out shopping. In fact for most of my years growing up I detested it and had to be in the right mood to even want to walk into a store. Thank goodness for the internet and online shopping, am I right? […]

Greenfield, MA Proposal I had this trip planned for just over two months. It was my Christmas present to Jake to go on a long weekend adventure in Boston. On our way there I wanted to stop in the tiny town where my photography journey began and where I spent one of the best years […]

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 12 Have you ever gone to a portrait studio for family photos and they make you lie down on a table that has blanket or carpeting on it? I have. Being the youngest meant I was the one lying on the bottom while my sister sat next to […]