The Contents of my Camera Bag In a few recent conversations with brides they all asked a similar question. What do you bring with you on a wedding day? The best way to describe this is to give you a full outline of the contents of my camera bag! I also bring a fun and […]

6 Mental Health Tips During COVID-19 Pandemic My sister is a mental health counselor and I reached out to her for a few tips on how to cope with stay at home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Feeling the effects myself of the many restrictions put in place in New York and throughout the country, […]

5 tips if your wedding has been affected by the Coronavirus I know you’re your probably incredibly upset, I totally get it. You’ve been planning your wedding for months or years and it all comes to a screeching halt because of COVID-19. You have every right to be angry and upset but if we’re being honest, […]

Photographs are an Investment Photographs are so special and important and maybe I’m a little bias for saying that but I believe with all my heart that this is true. They are how we preserve our memories, they are proof of the crazy hair styles, clothing choices we made, and who our best friend was […]

5 places NOT to wear your engagement or wedding ring I know you want to tell the whole world you’re engaged and show off your ring to every passerby on the street! Trust me, I completely understand but there are certain places and things you so when taking your ring off is a good idea. […]

5 Unique Money Saving Tips for your Wedding There are so many ways to save money for your wedding that you may not have thought of. Coupons for diy projects, cash back for online purchases, donations instead of favors, and repurposing decor. Download Ebates! Ebates is all about giving you cash back on purchases you […]

The Back End of Wedding Photography So often I hear people say “Your job is so cool, you just get to take pictures all day” and “Wow, you have a nice camera”. If all someone had to do was go buy a “nice camera” and then take pictures all day, anyone could be a professional […]

The NWP Wedding Experience How often do you go to a store based on the experience you get even if it costs a little bit more or it takes you an extra ten minutes to drive there? What about the story behind the business and why you believe in their product or service? There’s a […]

3 Wedding Vendors You Should Book First You just started planning a wedding but where in the world do you even begin? Here are the top three vendors you’ll want to make sure you book first besides a wedding planner because they should be the very first! Venue – Before anything else you should look […]

10 Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Venue You’ve gotten engaged (Congratulations!) and you’re contemplating venues, but haven’t quite decided. There are some important questions you should ask any potential venue so that there are no surprises on your wedding day, well no bad surprises at least! Here’s a list of 10 things to discuss […]