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Have you ever met someone and instantly thought “Where have you been all of my life? Let’s be best friends!”? That pretty much describes how I felt when I met Monica and Rick on June 9th, 2018. We (my incredible assistant/second shooter/best friend Nicole Murphy) pulled up to Gilbertsville Farmhouse and as we hopped out […]

Have you ever wanted something so bad you would take a spontaneous hour and a half drive on a Saturday just to go get it? I’m not going to lie people… I did this to go get macrons… This is a judgment free zone here okay, just want to make that clear! I was craving […]

There are no rules these days when it comes to engagement rings. American actress Meghan Markle recently wed Prince Harry and they opted for a traditional diamond engagement ring set in yellow gold. Harry, however, selected the center diamond, because it was a conflict-free mined diamond from Botswana, while the single diamonds on either side […]

I woke up on Friday morning full of excitement and energy because wedding season is finally here! My assistant Nicole Murphy and I travel to Logan Ridge Estates in Hector, NY to celebrate and photograph Alicia and Cory’s wedding!! You guys, I have been waiting for this day for such a long time and couldn’t […]

If you’ve been following along for a while you may have heard me talk about Sage: A Farm Luxe Bridal Experience taking place at Gilbertsville Farmhouse. It wasn’t a bridal show but more like an event for engaged couples and their family and friends to hang out with some incredible wedding vendors! Couples and vendors […]

You know the saying “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride”? Well for me it’s more like “Always a wedding photographer, never a wedding guest”. I try my best to contain my dance moves during the reception and resist the urge to snag a piece of that gorgeous wedding cake but sometimes you just have to […]

You’re Maid of Honor is telling you that you should. Your mom is upset because you’ll be “breaking tradition.” You’re so stressed with ALL. THIS. WEDDING. PLANNING that you just can’t even think straight anymore. You and your fiancé are trying to decide if you should see each other before the ceremony. If your friends […]

5 Things to do when you get engaged!                Enjoy it! Stop whatever you are doing right now and take a moment to be fully immersed in all of the feelings of being engaged! The months to come of planning are going to fly by so before you even think about […]

Just a few days before their engagement session they were on a cruise, wearing shorts and enjoying some beautiful warm weather so I’m pretty impressed that Cory and Alicia hiked through the snow for their engagement session! I’m not taking an inch or two… more like 6 inches and a big hill that we climbed […]

A little piece of advice from an NWP Bride in 2017 helps brides enjoy their wedding day even more!