So you just scheduled your album design session. Wahoo! Next on the list is how to make the most of designing your wedding album. It’s pretty simple actually. Doing these few things before and during your design session will make everything go smoothly! Have the talk Your wedding album might be one of the first […]

Two wedding albums stacked on top of each other in a flat lay style. This light and airy photography shows a tan album and a cream colored album with a gold inscription of the couple's names and wedding date. Wedding albums are the perfect way to tell the story of a wedding day in vivid detail.

Beer Can Beach in Longboat Key, Florida is where photo dreams are made of! Think white sandy beach, peaceful, and very unique. When I asked Becca where she wanted to do her engagement photos Florida, where her and Tanner live, was the answer! They recommended we go to this beach and after looking at photos […]

If you’ve ever been to the The Park Diner & Restaurant on Conklin Avenue in Binghamton, NY you may have seen Elaine running around! That would be because her family owns it and it’s probably one of the best diners in the Southern Tier! And if you’ve ever been, there you know that it’s a […]

As the saying goes, third time’s a charm! Francesca and Ian’s engagement session was rescheduled not once or twice but three times. But throughout the three different dates we had on the calendar the excitement only grew stronger for their engagement session! So now that I’m no longer sick, the bad burn on Francesca’s forehead […]

I want to start out by giving any couple who decides to do a DIY wedding a huge shout out! Of course I like photographing all the pretty decor, insane flower arrangements, and grand ballrooms but I have such a huge passion for shooting smaller intimate weddings with the people that the couple is closest […]

A small town Newark Valley boy and a city Troy, NY girl met about nine years ago at the University of Albany. This is where their love story began and where it brings us today! I’ve had the honor of getting to know Jaime and DJ throughout their relationship for the last nine years. I […]

It all started in Binghamton, NY in 2012 at SUNY Broome. Kelsie and I were on the volleyball team and one of our other teammates had a really good friend named Chris. He came to all of our games and always hung out with us! It wasn’t too long before he joined our crew that […]

It was around this time last year that I got to meet Robyn and Mike for the very first time! Actually, I ended up running into Robyn’s parents first while waiting for them to arrive. Her sweet mom, Sandy, was sitting with her husband with a box of cookies in hand! I could not have […]

Fairytale. If I had to sum up Katie and Jake’s wedding in one word “Fairytale” would be it. Katie told me that getting married at Font Hill Castle was a dream of hers from the time she was little! And that dream came true on September 18, 2021. I actually met Katie and Jake way […]

They met at a Mexican restaurant both wearing white… a disaster waiting to happen! Meagan hesitantly turn down a margarita, not sure who does that at a Mexican restaurant! But regardless of their white shirts and no margaritas something went right. “She’s the one.” Those are the words that Greg said when he called his best […]