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5 Real Life Confessions Let’s take a moment to get real about life shall we? Everyone has those things that they would rather not admit to people but to show you I’m just another twenty something chasing my dreams I thought I may share a few confessions. I still live with my parents… oh, there […]

You know when you’re young and dream up all the things you are going to be when you grow up? An astronaut, a firefighter, the president. Well I think at one point my sister wanted to be a hairdresser. Not only did my hair already have a mind of its own but she thought she […]

5 Unique Money Saving Tips for your Wedding There are so many ways to save money for your wedding that you may not have thought of. Coupons for diy projects, cash back for online purchases, donations instead of favors, and repurposing decor. Download Ebates! Ebates is all about giving you cash back on purchases you […]

Playing dress up was one of our most favorite things to do at my grandma’s house. We were there quite often it seemed which meant we played dress up a ton! There was a tote in one of her guest bedrooms behind a white, accordion style closet door. I’m positive that when ever my grandma […]

The Back End of Wedding Photography So often I hear people say “Your job is so cool, you just get to take pictures all day” and “Wow, you have a nice camera”. If all someone had to do was go buy a “nice camera” and then take pictures all day, anyone could be a professional […]

On the night of January 12th my sister and I were rushed to my grandma’s house in the next town over from ours. We knew that our mom had gone into labor and couldn’t wait to hear if we gained another sister or a baby brother. We spent the time watching Disney movies on VHS […]

The NWP Wedding Experience How often do you go to a store based on the experience you get even if it costs a little bit more or it takes you an extra ten minutes to drive there? What about the story behind the business and why you believe in their product or service? There’s a […]

You know that favorite outfit you have? The one when you put it on makes you feel like a million bucks? For me, this was my million dollar outfit. Since I was little my favorite color was pink, which I never outgrew and I had an obsession with Disney princesses, Ariel was my favorite (and […]

What to do in New Orleans New Orleans needs requires a few days to adventure and explore. I was only there for two days in the French Quarter so the adventuring was slim but I did come across some cool places! The Moxy Hotel – For a unique hotel experience I recommend The Moxy! From […]

3 Wedding Vendors You Should Book First You just started planning a wedding but where in the world do you even begin? Here are the top three vendors you’ll want to make sure you book first besides a wedding planner because they should be the very first! Venue – Before anything else you should look […]