A stunning couple, Thacher Park and super dreamy light makes for the perfect engagement session! This state park is a super special for these two fiancé’s because it where they got engaged! Amanda and I talked about doing their session around Empire Plaza in downtown Albany. But being out in nature at a beautiful park that […]

You’ve just received your wedding gallery containing over 800 images. Now what! How on Earth are you suppose to look through all of them? It’s going to take forever! Well, you’re not wrong about that. It’s probably going to take a few hours to sit down and look at every single photograph from your wedding […]

Should we do an engagement session? That’s the million dollar question shortly after getting engaged! Okay, maybe it’s not the million dollar question but it will definitely come up sooner rather than later. More often than not your fiancé probably won’t want to do engagement pictures. Why? Because it’s more pictures and some people just […]

In a day where Target and Amazon are the top places to shop small business can often be forgotten. Don’t get me wrong, I love both Target and Amazon! Maybe a little too much some days. But when you purchase something from a small business it’s a different type of satisfaction. You know that you’re […]

Jim needed Lindsey’s help fixing a fence. So they hopped into the Kubota and headed up the hill on their farm. He told Lindsey to hold the wire as he walked to the other end. Little did she know that a diamond ring would soon be at her finger tips as Jim slid it down […]

Guest books and wedding invitations can easily be overlooked when planning your wedding. But your wedding invitation is one of the first things that people see which sets the tone for the entire day. No pressure right! A barn venue is probably going to have a different style invitation than a ballroom venue. Those two […]

You know that couple who you want to be friends with because they are the nicest people and you can tell how much in love they are? Or the couple who you look at and immediately think “relationship goals”? That’s Maggie and Devin! Maggie and I met way back in 2013 during an effective speaking […]

Empire Plaza might just be one of my favorite places to photograph gorgeous couples! It’s the perfect mix of nature and stunning architecture. Then you put a super in love couple in front of the lens and magic happens! Not only did Robyn and Mike crush their engagement photos but they brought their puppy as […]

On this very day (October 30th, 2020) FIVE years ago, I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography. I first have to say how insane it is to me that 5 years have already gone by. It seams like just the other day that I was walking the halls of Hallmark, camera in hand, living one […]

By this point you already know how much I absolutely loved my college experience at Hallmark Institute of Photography. It was the best 10 months of my life and I would go back and do it all again if I could! I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite memories from […]