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5 places NOT to wear your engagement or wedding ring I know you want to tell the whole world you’re engaged and show off your ring to every passerby on the street! Trust me, I completely understand but there are certain places and things you so when taking your ring off is a good idea. […]

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 14 All she wanted to do was love me and I was having NONE of it! As a baby I basically crushed my mom’s heart because I didn’t like being held… at all. As a matter of fact I was quite content hanging out in a bouncy chair […]

Money Saving Tips You many not know this but I don’t always love going out shopping. In fact for most of my years growing up I detested it and had to be in the right mood to even want to walk into a store. Thank goodness for the internet and online shopping, am I right? […]

Greenfield, MA Proposal I had this trip planned for just over two months. It was my Christmas present to Jake to go on a long weekend adventure in Boston. On our way there I wanted to stop in the tiny town where my photography journey began and where I spent one of the best years […]

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 13 White dresses, flower bouquets, puffy sleeves, jewels in our hair and giddy smiles on our faces. Katie, my sister, and I proudly walked down the aisle as flower girls at our uncle’s wedding. I may be bias but I think we make the cutest flower girls ever, […]

5 tips for traveling cheap Traveling is so good for the soul but it can be quite expensive if you don’t plan it out properly. Here are 5 tips for traveling cheap! Skyscanner – If you never heard of Skyscanner you should check it out right now. Basically how it works is you select an […]

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 12 Have you ever gone to a portrait studio for family photos and they make you lie down on a table that has blanket or carpeting on it? I have. Being the youngest meant I was the one lying on the bottom while my sister sat next to […]

5 Real Life Confessions Let’s take a moment to get real about life shall we? Everyone has those things that they would rather not admit to people but to show you I’m just another twenty something chasing my dreams I thought I may share a few confessions. I still live with my parents… oh, there […]

You know when you’re young and dream up all the things you are going to be when you grow up? An astronaut, a firefighter, the president. Well I think at one point my sister wanted to be a hairdresser. Not only did my hair already have a mind of its own but she thought she […]

5 Unique Money Saving Tips for your Wedding There are so many ways to save money for your wedding that you may not have thought of. Coupons for diy projects, cash back for online purchases, donations instead of favors, and repurposing decor. Download Ebates! Ebates is all about giving you cash back on purchases you […]