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Sage Bridal Experience 2019 What a day it was! Although it was still chilly and there was consistent mist of rain, it turned out to be as fabulous as always! So many incredible vendors came from all over to chat with couples and other vendors, sample food, desserts, and specialty drinks and of course hold […]

Photographs are an Investment Photographs are so special and important and maybe I’m a little bias for saying that but I believe with all my heart that this is true. They are how we preserve our memories, they are proof of the crazy hair styles, clothing choices we made, and who our best friend was […]

My Adventure Bucket List The list of places I want to go explore is endless. I’ve lived in a small country town my whole life and seeing other places always excites me! Here are a few adventures I’d like to go on within the next few years: National Parks in Arizona and Utah – An […]

5 Places to Visit on your trip to Punta Gorda, FL TT’s Tiki Bar – This was so much fun! My mom, grandma and I walked here from our hotel (Springhill Suites in Punta Gorda) on a Thursday night just before the sun was about to set. There are tons of brightly colored lawn chairs […]

A Weekend in Boston Boston, Boston, Boston! There is so much do to there and it’s loaded with history. I have been many times but Jake had never so for Christmas I decided we’d take a trip there so he could experience it all. My first piece of advice for a Boston trip is to […]

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 15 Oh the first day of school!! When you were little it was exciting but as you kept leveling up in grades it became increasingly less fun and more work. Then you began to look forward to Summer before the school year even started. Once you graduated it […]

5 places NOT to wear your engagement or wedding ring I know you want to tell the whole world you’re engaged and show off your ring to every passerby on the street! Trust me, I completely understand but there are certain places and things you so when taking your ring off is a good idea. […]

A Picture from the Past – Vol. 14 All she wanted to do was love me and I was having NONE of it! As a baby I basically crushed my mom’s heart because I didn’t like being held… at all. As a matter of fact I was quite content hanging out in a bouncy chair […]

Money Saving Tips You many not know this but I don’t always love going out shopping. In fact for most of my years growing up I detested it and had to be in the right mood to even want to walk into a store. Thank goodness for the internet and online shopping, am I right? […]

Greenfield, MA Proposal I had this trip planned for just over two months. It was my Christmas present to Jake to go on a long weekend adventure in Boston. On our way there I wanted to stop in the tiny town where my photography journey began and where I spent one of the best years […]