Meet Emma Rose

Never in a million year would I have thought choosing a career in photography would have meant documenting life’s most precious and cherished moments. I knew that wedding photography would allow me to give couples and families the visual memory of the joining of two people in holy matrimony. I knew that photographing seniors and newborns would allow parents to remember their children at certain stages of their lives. I knew that family portraits were important so 30 years from now when small children have grown into young adults and those same young adults are now taking care of their parents, they could all look back at how life was 30 years ago when they were in the “glory days”.

However, I never imagined myself documenting the pain, anxiety, tears of joy, love and pure miracle of birth. On October 12, 2016 I was given this incredible opportunity. Not only was I blessed with the honor of photographing the beauty of bringing a child into this world but I also witnesses my sweet little niece being born. 

It all started at midnight on October 12th when I was woken up with news that Nicole and Matt were headed to the hospital. I have never woke up with so much adrenaline running through my body as I did that day! I got dressed, grabbed my camera and off to Wilson Hospital I went! Upon arriving, I went to the waiting room as I anxiously and nervously went over in my mind how I was going to go about capturing this amazing moment. 1:30am rolled around and I was told to head home for a while because this little baby was being a tad bit stubborn!! I waited another half hour and then decided to head back home. Within the next 40 minutes my phone rang with news that this baby was coming!! Back to the hospital I went even more exited and anxious than before! 

As Matt paced around the room full of nerves, excitement and pure anxiety, Nicole’s contractions became closer and closer together and their little girl was on the way! In this moment I did what I do best, I photographed every detail, every happy tear that rolled down a cheek, and fists clenched in pain and in excitement. I do have to say that I am so happy my camera covers most of my face because I cried… a lot!! 

Within a 35 minutes of me returning back to the hospital at 3:24am, the Stanley family welcomed a beautiful little girl into the world. Never before have I been a part of something so wonderful in my whole life. Some of the most precious moments came shortly after she was handed to her mother. Matt and Nicole gazed at their gorgeous baby girl in pure happiness and joy and let a tiny tear fall down their faces. No direction was given because each moment was as genuine as the next. So without further ado…..  

Meet Emma Rose!

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