Senior Portraits – Abby Vaughn

Owego Free Academy Class of 2018

A few days before every portrait session and wedding I watch the weather like a hawk! Every other day it was either complete sunshine with no rain or thunderstorms with an 80% chance of rain the entire week leading up to Abby’s senior portrait session. The day came and the weather was not looking too good at all… dark clouds rolled in and it rained, really hard. Her mother called me disappointed by the weather and didn’t know what to do but I had a great feeling that the clouds would disperse and the rain would subside! And that is exactly what happened! About a half hour before we begin shooting, the sky opened up and the evening was absolutely perfect!

This girl right here was a trooper! She climbed into tall grass, walked through soggy fields, and despite a few wardrobe malfunctions she totally rocked it! Enjoy some of my favorite portraits from Abby’s senior session!  

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