5 Things To Do When You Get Engaged

5 Things to do when you get engaged!


  1. Enjoy it!
    • Stop whatever you are doing right now and take a moment to be fully immersed in all of the feelings of being engaged! The months to come of planning are going to fly by so before you even think about planning any part of your wedding day, enjoy this incredible time with your new fiancé! It’s a time to plan your future together and to celebrate your love! Live it up!
  1. Remind yourself that you are entering into a marriage, not just planning a wedding.
    • Your wedding is a celebration of the love you share with your fiancé! It’s a time when everyone you hold dear to your heart gets together to remind you that they are there to support throughout the rest of your lives as a married couple. Take all the advice you can get and look forward to your future together because in the end you’re planning the rest of your lives with each other!
  1. Set a budget and stick to it!
    • It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the pretty things and if you don’t set a budget you may end up going a little overboard! Highlight what is most important to you on your wedding day and set a little extra aside to splurge on whatever that may be. Get your best girls and guys together and DIY it up!
  1. Make your guest list
    • Having a rough number of guests in mind will help with so many other aspects of planning your big day. When it comes to selecting a venue and caterer you’ll need a number to see who can best accommodate the amount of guests you have attending your wedding.
  1. Ask for help!
    • Planning a wedding is a pretty big task and doing it all on your own can sometimes leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed, but there is no need to be stressed out! Your family and friends are there to help so gather them all together and ask for their assistance! Don’t forget about the professionals either. Hire a wedding planner if you have too much on your plate. They have done this a time or two and will guide you along the way leaving you to enjoy this process!

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