Watch out Cancer… Kat’s coming for you!!!

Hi everyone!! I want you all to meet Kat!

Although I only spent a short amount of time with her I can tell you she is an absolute sweetheart and is one of the most gracious people I have ever met.

We started off the afternoon meeting at Daniel Louis Salon in Endwell, NY for hair and make up. Brenda Bunzey did an incredible job with her hair and Aili Macdonell was outstanding with Kat’s makeup! She sat back and relaxed while these two went to work bringing out even more of her natural beauty. I could tell Kat was loving getting a little pampered.. she even wished that she could wake up everyday with these beautiful curls! 

As I waited in the salon dark clouds, crazy gusts of wind, and a few sprinkles surrounded the Southern Tier… so as any photographer would, I was either starring at the sky praying that the storm would pass quickly or checking every weather app known to man!! Just as these ladies finished with hair and makeup the storm ceased and I cannot thank God more perfect timing. He works in mysterious ways but I am forever grateful when He has a plan!

Kat and I headed to Binghamton, NY to Confluence Park next the Susquehanna River. I had only been here once before but I knew that it was truly beautiful! Every time I turned around there was another spot I wanted to shoot.. SO WE DID!! Kat was a natural and was willing to do pretty much anything I asked, which of course was splendid! We were just about finished except for the fact that I said “This is the last spot” about 5 times….. oops!!

The last place we stopped was at a mutual friends house who’s boyfriend hand made an incredible Harley Davidson bar right in his apartment. Kat told me she was a “Harley T-Shirt and Jeans” kind of girl so of course we had to incorporate that somehow and what better way than to do it in a Harley Davidson decorated bar?!

Kat was absolutely amazing and was in wonderful spirits throughout the entire afternoon. You would never guess by looking at these photographs of Kat smiling ear to ear that she was recently diagnosed with breast cancer just a few weeks ago. As I mentioned before I didn’t know Kat all that well before this day but I can tell you that she is so ready to KICK CANCER’S BUTT!! She is one strong woman and has a wonderful support system behind her. I ask you all to add Kat to your prayers and send good vibes her way.

Watch out Cancer… Kat’s coming for you!!! 

  1. Jen Picciano says:

    Oh honey…these pictures are unreal! I’m looking at them with tears in my eyes. They really are absolutely amazing…but then again, so is she. (And so are you for that matter…lol)

  2. Robin Pankhurst says:

    Beautiful pictures! And sending many hugs and prayers to Kat for strength and comfort as she kicks cancer’s butt.

  3. Michelle Cady says:

    She is an amazing person, if you would like to support Kat I have set up a go fund me account in her name. Kat will need three surgeries all together and the costs can be rediculous. Thank you Nicole for making her feel so special!!

  4. Jackie says:

    Lovely! What kind of lens did you use for capturing these? Such beautiful natural light!

  5. Fawn Proper says:

    We will be having a benefit for Kat
    sept 10 5-9pm at American Legion Post 80 @ 76 Main st Binghamton.. Come support #TeamKat

  6. Dee Vanpatten says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Kat is an amazing woman and I’m blessed to know her. My thoughts and prayers are forever with her and her family!!! 💖

  7. MJ :) says:

    Awesome pictures of a beautiful person inside & out!!!! Love you Kat!!! You are soooo gonna kick cancers ass!!!!!! 🙂 <3

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