10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Photograph by Karraline Streifel

Photograph by Karraline Streifel

1. I LOVE to bake!! I worked at a bakery for about a year (before going to photography school) and had the best time baking pastries and decorating cookies and cakes. Throughout high school I would make all kinds of desserts and would bring them into school. One of my classmates called it “Nicole Food”! I always need to find people to give my desserts to because if not I will eat the entire thing!

2. I think snail mail is one of the best things ever! A hand written letter or holiday card from a loved one or just a note saying someone was thinking of you is the best! 

3. I played volleyball from when I was a young girl in 7th grade all throughout my college years and occasionally play in recreational leagues. 

4. When I was a teenager the walls in my room were hot pink and lime green. My poor dad hated every minute he painted that room but my sister and I wanted something fun and cool so neon walls was what we got!

5. I don’t own a single pair of plain colored socks. Most of them are neon colored with crazy patterns or covered in polka dots!

6. Sometimes I eat chocolate for breakfast. I love chocolate way more than I should and it is a really big problem!!! Dark chocolate with almonds, OH LORD!

7. Every time I visited my grandma the first thing I did was open her cookie jar to see what goodies were inside, some times before even saying “hi”. I know it’s bad but it was almost always full and I have a constant sweet tooth!

8. If chicken fingers are my go to meal at any restaurant! I could be at a 5 star restaurant and be perfectly content ordering some delicious chicken fingers, with honey mustard dipping sauce of course! 

9. I am one of America’s best singers when I am alone in my car and the music is as high as it can go!

10. I traveled to Ireland in 2012 with all of my immediate family members as well as my grandmother and Aunt and cousin who live in Colorado! I unfortunately was really sick for a majority of the trip but it was one of the best experiences ever!


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  1. Beth Gray says:

    I LOVE this blog and your website! 👍👍👍👍👍

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