Meet Baby Saalfield!

Every time I see a baby I literally turn into a total mush ball complete with “awes”, tons of cuddles and of course, LOTS of pictures!! This sweet little guy was no different! I meet Luke a few years ago when I worked at a local bakery and I will never forget him saying that he would love to be a stay at home dad. I am happy to say that they added a new member to their Chelsea Soccer cheering section! When I got the news that his wife Jes was pregnant I instantly teared up with happiness, like I always do when I find out people are pregnant, because every pregnancy and birth is a true miracle! Babies are just the best!!!!! 

When Luke asked me to create some newborn photos for their precious little boy I could not have been more thrilled! Arlo is one lucky boy to have two wonderful parents who love him more than they could ever imagine. He was wide awake during most of his session starring out the window at the big outside world but fell asleep towards the end because being a model is definitely exhausting! Congratulations Jes and Luke!!! 

Meet Arlo

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