Wedding Florals, 4 tips to select the perfect flowers

Wedding florals can be a difficult thing to decide on. There are so many options how in the world are you suppose to know what to choose? Ashley, from C&A Event Planning, has some advice on helping you select the perfect flowers for your wedding day.

The best types of flowers for your wedding

Flowers vary from season to season and budget to budget so a few pointers to beginning the process of envisioning your florals would be to consider your budgets, color scheme, and style.

Make a budget This is the first and most important step when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers. Your budget will determine the types of flowers you can use in your bouquets, wedding centerpieces and floral decor, so sit down with your fiancé(e) and decide what you are comfortable spending. If you have a lower budget, keep in mind that specific flowers are in season at different times of the year. Another tip, larger blooms take up more room and can cut down on the number of stems needed.

Find a wedding florist  It’s important to find a florist who understands what you want, because he or she is the person who will bring your vision to life. They’ll also be a lifesaver when it comes to providing professional input about your wedding flowers and helping you make tough decisions as well as stick to your budget.

Gather inspiration Begin by browsing photos from real weddings or Pinterest. You might find floral arrangements that you absolutely love (and can show the pictures to your florist) but at the very least, you’ll develop a general sense of your likes and dislikes. Start making notes about your floral preferences, including color, shape, texture, and style. As long as you can share your general vision with your florist, he or she will take it from there and can suggest their ideas for your wedding flowers.

Use your color scheme If you’re feeling completely stumped about your wedding flowers (we know there are a lot to choose from!), think of them in terms of color to help narrow down your choices. Look at the colors being used for your invitation suite, attire, table linens, and miscellaneous accents. If you do want the flowers to be a perfect color match, be as specific as possible when discussing them with your florist—“coral pink” to you might mean light orange or blush to someone else. Provide paint chips, fabric swatches and photos of the decor so your florist can find the closest possible match.  Your wedding flowers don’t have to be an exact match with the rest of your decor, but you should try to choose blooms that complement your color scheme.


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