5 places to go in Ireland

5 places to go in Ireland

Ireland is a country full of history, immaculate architect, culture, and beauty. I travel here with my entire family, my grandma as well as some extended family for a big trip over the course of 10 days. Although I was quite ill for most of the trip it was still an amazing experience. Here are my top 5 places to go in Ireland!

Aran Islands – You’ll have to take a Ferry to get to this place but it’s well worth it! I highly recommend renting a bike and touring the Islands on two wheels. It depicts Ireland as it once was and is a different kind of beauty. I stayed on the Inishmore island at the Aran Islands Hotel which wasn’t far from where you get off of the ferry. The view from the hotel alone is stunning!

Dublin – I know this is kind of a given but this city is so special! Artists line the streets singing and dancing bringing even more life to this lively place. The architecture here is exactly what you think of when you picture a city Ireland. Bright colors, roads of cobble stone, and music filling the air!

Cliffs of Moher – Located on the countries edge, this is a sight that pictures don’t even do justice. While walking up to the edge it doesn’t seem like anything special but when you approach the cliffs the view is breath taking. This destination is absolutely spectacular! It’s not terribly expensive either so it’s a must!

Dún Aonghasa – This is located on the Inishmore island and is a sight you don’t want to skip. The hike up to the top may seem a bit daunting but you can do it! Take your time, there is no rush but you’ll defiantly want to make it to the top to view what once was a fort. You’ll be able to walk right to the edge, lay down, and peer over the side. It’s WILD!

Guinness Brewery – Is there anything better than fresh beer straight from the brewery? While taking the tour is pretty cool you’ll have to make a pit stop to take a class on how to pour the perfect pint! Then head up to the top floor where they’ll pour a beer for you, complete with a four leaf clover design on the top!


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