Photographs are an Investment

Photographs are an Investment

Photographs are so special and important and maybe I’m a little bias for saying that but I believe with all my heart that this is true. They are how we preserve our memories, they are proof of the crazy hair styles, clothing choices we made, and who our best friend was in 10th grade. They create our life’s story through visuals so we never forget life’s moments even when our memory begins to fade. Photographs are one of those things we cling onto when someone we love passes away and it’s how we share the images of our new babies with family and friends who aren’t close to us.

Imagine for a moment what this world would look like is camera’s or pictures didn’t exist. We would have no idea what the world looked like 100 years ago. We would only know of our childhood through stories and remember out past through our memories that fade every day and would never know what we looked like as a baby. We would only know of news through newspapers that are were white pages with black words. And how in the world would we online shop if we couldn’t see what we were buying? Adios Amazon.

I want you to really think about that for a moment and then revisit how important photographs are. This, along with so many other reasons, is why photographs are an investment. Having a family portrait created every year shows the changes that take place within a family as it grows. It vividly represents the additions to your family with tiny babies wearing the cutest clothes ever, how much taller your younger brother is compared to you and the era you are living in deciphered by your clothing. Now let’s chat about your wedding photos!

I believe in the marrow of my bones that if you don’t have a professional wedding photographer at your wedding that you will greatly regret it. This is the one single day of your life that you are going to be marrying your best friend with your closest family and friends surround you with an enormous amount of love. The only thing you will have to hold onto after your wedding, beside your new spouse, is the pictures that will forever hold the memories of this special day. Having a family friend take photos on their new cell phone rather than hiring a trained professional photographer to take on that responsibility crushes my heart! You DESERVE to have the most beautiful photographs of this day because they will last longer than a lifetime.

So many people question why photographers charge so much “just to take some pictures”. In addition to all of the work and countless hours that goes into it before and after the wedding we are documenting a day that will never be able to be recreated. You are giving us a huge responsibility to photograph everything we see so you will be able to remember this day even when you and your spouse are old and grey. The people that support you, the yummy food you ate, the lemon cake with raspberry filling covered with a stunning design and the emotion that you will be able to feel when you look at each image time and time again.

Think about these reasons when it comes time for you to hire a photographer. Know that these printed photographs will last longer than a lifetime and will be the only thing that will allow you to remember your life with specific detail.


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