5 Things your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

5 Things your Wedding Guests Don’t Care About

Planning your wedding is hard enough without all the pressure from trying to make it the wedding of the century. Truth is there are so many things your gusts don’t really care about when it comes to your wedding. As long as you feed them delicious food, have a fantastic DJ or band, and have heaters when it’s cold and air conditioning when it’s hot you’re pretty much set! But just in case, here are 5 things your guests don’t care about.

1. Programs – Having a program for your guests of your ceremony is really nice to have. Especially if you have members in your bridal party who many not be known by your guests. You can get really creative with them or keep them simple but when it comes down to it, most people aren’t going to comment on if you didn’t have a program or if you kept it super simple.

2. Linens – Did you know how many colors of “off white” there are? Going to pick out the linens for your reception can easily get very overwhelming especially when you are trying to coordinate multiple colors. Want to know a secret? Your guests aren’t going to care what color they are or what type of fabric they are made of. If they can protect their outfit from crumbs and spills and wipe the corners of their mouth you are all set!

3. The Cake or Dessert Table – I can’t believe I’m actually writing thing but truth be told people don’t necessarily care about your cake. You can go as simple or as elaborate and creative as you want and as long as it tastes delicious that’s all you have to worry about. Most of the time so much of your cake will end up being thrown out because everyone is on the dance floor and won’t even notice the cake at their place setting, which is so sad because I always want a slice of cake and never get one!

4. Bouquet and Garter toss – This traditional wedding formality has become so rare that I’m always shocked when it gets announced at weddings. I’m not quite sure why people aren’t doing it as much any more but my guess is everyone is too busy dancing that clearing the dance floor would be impossible! I’ve never once heard of someone being upset because the bride didn’t throw her bouquet so don’t worry about offending anyone there!

5. Favors – Wedding favors are one of those additional expenses that you can easily cut without anyone really noticing. They can get expensive really quick especially if you have a large guest list. My friend completely forgot to put the favors she made out at her wedding and we didn’t hear a single comment about them. So save a little money on wedding favors because your guests really wouldn’t think twice about them.

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