How to make the most of your album design session

So you just scheduled your album design session. Wahoo! Next on the list is how to make the most of designing your wedding album. It’s pretty simple actually. Doing these few things before and during your design session will make everything go smoothly!

Have the talk

Your wedding album might be one of the first family heirlooms you and your spouse will start. No pressure, right?! Since this book of photos will stand the test of time, it’s important that we get the story right! Chat with your spouse, before your meeting, and discuss what’s important to both of you. Do you want a highlight reel of your wedding? Are you looking for the story of your wedding day to be told in its entirety? These questions will guide you on which album is right for you.


Knowing what you each desire in your wedding album is super important. The investment you are about to make is also a subject that should be discussed prior to your session. There are options to fit a variety of budgets. Knowing ahead of time what you are willing to spend on an album, that’s going to bring you a lifetime of memories, should be discussed.

Favorite Photographs

Within your online photo gallery, you can favorite/star individual photos. This is going to be your best friend when selecting images for your wedding album. We might be changing some photos in the design I previously created. Your “favorites” folder is going to be your best friend!


It would be ideal to have your zoom meeting on a laptop or desktop computer. The bigger the screen the better! I’ll be designing your album live so viewing it as large as possible is key.  I highly recommend pulling up your online gallery on another device. This will allow you to look for those specific images and relay which photo you’d prefer.

Wifi & Technology

Design sessions are held through Zoom. Which means, we’re at the mercy of technology and all of its glitches. Before signing into your meeting, make sure your wifi is on and connected. It’s also a good idea to log into Zoom and test it out prior to your meeting start time. Because of the programs and wifi combo, sometimes things might run a little slow. That just means you’ll get to start at certain album pages filled with beautiful photos just a little longer!

All decisions final

The last thing I want to mention is all decisions are final. We’ve perfected the design, you’ve chosen a cover and inscription, and then our meeting concludes. All of the decisions made throughout your meeting will be locked in. Which is why having a conversation about what you each want ahead of time is important so you can be confident in your choices.

So, long as you have the talk, know what you want, and get your technology and wifi ready, your album design session will go swimmingly! Oh, you may want to get a few snacks ready and maybe a glass of wine or a beer. Let’s avoid being hangry or thirsty while creating a wedding album that will last a lifetime!


Two wedding albums stacked on top of each other in a flat lay style. This light and airy photography shows a tan album and a cream colored album with a gold inscription of the couple's names and wedding date. Wedding albums are the perfect way to tell the story of a wedding day in vivid detail.


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