Chittenango Falls State Park – Engagement – Erin & Justin

When you live 4 hours away from your clients you either go to them, they come to you or we meet in the middle. With Justin and Erin we found the perfect spot just about in the middle between Albany and Rochester at Chittenango Falls State Park! None of us had ever been before so we knew it was going to be an adventure. This place did not disappoint at all!

Rather than just focusing on the two of them, Erin’s son Conner joined us for a few photos. They also just got a puppy so sweet Winnie joined the fun too! I have to give a shout out to Erin’s best friend, Shannon, for her assistance! She took care of Winnie and watched over Connor for the moments of the shoot when they were able to take a break. She carried things, fixed makeup and outfits, and helped get Connor to smile. Everyone needs a Shannon!!

Erin really wanted snowy engagement photos so we opted for the middle of February. Of course the days before their shoot it was in the 40s and most of the snow melted. Go figure. But, that also meant that we had amazing weather! I’m glad they were willing to explore the park a bit with me because we found perfect patches of snowy areas! Toward the end of their photo shoot the sunlight came through the trees. Dreamiest light EVER!

Connor was not shy about telling me when he wanted and didn’t want to be in photos. Which worked out perfectly because although we got some goofy smiles, the real smile came through as well! This beautiful family was all about fun. They ran though the snow, spun around, and giggled with each other the whole time!

Erin and Justin were an absolute blast to be around! They didn’t hesitate at all doing anything I suggested. They attacked each other with love, spun around, danced and just had the absolute best time together! I would do this all over again!

  1. Peggy Gilmartin says:

    Erin these are beautiful! I can’t tell you how happy I am you have found that special someone. So so happy for you all.

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