Treman Center Wedding

Intimate weddings are my absolute favorite types of celebrations! The Treman Center is the perfect venue for stunning weddings and celebrations with a guest count of 100 of less. The grounds are perfection and the building itself is just beautiful. Which is one of the reasons why Morgan and Seif choose to celebrate their love with their closest family and friends here!

Two people from two very different cultures joining their families together is such an incredible thing to witness. Seif, a handsome Egyptian man, joined his family with Morgan, a stunning Upstate New York woman, and her family. I’ve known Morgan for a large majority of my life from the small town we both grew up in. I had the pleasure of meeting Seif for the first time in the Big Apple! We did their engagement session at the Brooklyn Bridge during sunrise and it was pure magic!

In 2018, Morgan and Seif met through Tinder and started officially dating in 2019! I’m still amazed and delighted at how many of my couples met through a dating app. Shout out to technology for these incredible love matches!

I’m going to describe Morgan and Seif’s intimate wedding to the best of my ability. But it’s one of those weddings where you just had to be there to fully understand it. Seif has a background in interior design and Morgan has exquisite taste! So I knew the details and layout of their intimate wedding were going to be luxurious! Plus, the attention to detail was going to be on point! Let me tell you, I was not let down.

Morgan’s long sleeve lace dress complimented the natural beauty of the gardens surrounding the venue. The added floral arrangements and bouquets delicately shouted luxury with a hint of innocent beauty. Mix all of that with Seif’s design knowledge and style and you get a breathtaking day of celebration and love.

My Favorite Moment

One of my favorite moments from their wedding day was their first look. I’m not sure exactly what happened but rather than speaking words, Seif made excited yet speechless noises. It was hysterical and super cute! He finally found some words as they shared a few moments together while seeing each other for the first time that day.

The love of these two families from different countries was precious! Morgan and Seif’s guests traveled from all over the world to witness the marriage of two people who were meant for each other. Watching everyone mesh together in celebration was incredible!

This especially came to light during their reception! If you have never been to a wedding celebrating people from the Middle East, you are missing out BIG TIME! My jaw was on the floor when Seif and his friends took over the dance floor. How they didn’t snap in half from the way they moved their bodies blew my mind. It was a BLAST!

The energy, laughter, and huge amount of love that enveloped Morgan and Seif’s intimate wedding was so special! So many happy tears were shed and some may have even left my own eyes. What a delight it was to photograph the genuine moments that made up a day they’ll remember forever!


Venue: The Treman Center
Suzanne Iannuzzi
MakeupMatthew Artistry
Dress: Dress Your Fancy
Flowers: Mulberry & Fern

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