Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Session

When you want the Brooklyn Bridge to be a part of your engagement photos sunrise is best! Which just so happens to mean that you have to wake up extra early to get that sun coming over the horizon. I’m game to do anything in order to get that beautiful light. So a 6 AM call time was order for Seif and Morgan‘s engagement session!

I was so excited for this shoot because I’ve actually known Morgan for a very long time. We went to the same high school together and her mom was one of my volleyball coaches. She also was an advisor for one of the clubs, my favorite club! Morgan and my sister were in the same class so she was around quite a lot! So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when she inquired about her wedding! Which also meant that we got to do engagement photos too!!

Although Morgan and safe live in New York City now Morgan’s a small-town country girl at heart. Seif moved here all the way from Egypt and NYC is now their home. They’re planning to get married next year in August in Ithaca, NY. For their engagement session we wanted a place that was really special to both of them. Which meant a trip to New York City was in the books! It was Seif’s idea to incorporate the Brooklyn Bridge into their engagement photos which I loved!

There are two main things that I learned about Seif throughout their engagement session. One, he’s great at finding locations for pictures. And two he’s really good at picking out engagement rings!

Although there were pedestrians walking along the Brooklyn Bridge, we were able to get some of the dreamiest photos I think I’ve ever taken! We definitely started the day off on the right foot by waking up extra early and getting lots of our steps in well before 8 o’clock. I had so much fun with these two and truly cannot wait to party hard with them. August cannot come soon enough!

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