Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Things happen, especially at a wedding but with this essential things in your wedding day emergency kit, you’ll be prepared for anything! As a wedding photographer who has photographed well over 100 weddings, I’ve seen it all. I bring a well stocked emergency kit with me to every single wedding. Why? Because being over prepared is the best way to be. Plus, if I’m able to help in anyway by sewing on a groomsmen’s button, giving a bridesmaid a bandaid or handing the mother of the bride a tissue, I’ll do it! anything to make the wedding day less stressful.

Top 5 things in my wedding day emergency kit

There are WAY more than just 5 things in my emergency kit. Probably more like 30 random items that all serve a purpose. However, there are about 5 things I use at almost every wedding. Those I always keep on the top of my emergency kit for easy access to. It’s always a good feeling to tell someone you have what they need. Weddings party members, family and guests are always blown away that I have pretty much anything they’re looking for or wished they had. Have no fear, Nicole is here!

Sewing kit

I cannot tell you how many buttons I’ve reattached to Groom’s and Groomsmen’s jackets during the last decade. There was one wedding I photographed where every single Groomsmen had one of their buttons fall off of their suit jacket. It was crazy! I was second shooting and while the lead photographer was shooting family photos, I sat in the pew of the church and sewed back on all the buttons. Everyone was thrilled that I was able to take care of this for them and it became a hot topic throughout the day. All I had was a simple sewing kit that cost only a few dollars but basically saved the day!


Having scissors in your wedding day emergency kit is essential! From loose threads to tags, my scissors are always used. Because they are used so much I often don’t get them back from whoever borrowed them. So I bought a multipack of scissors to have on hand so in case that happens, I can refill my kit when I get home.

Bobby Pins

The amount of bobby pins I’ve used and given away on wedding days is kind of impressive actually. Especially when brides or bridesmaids have updos and strands of hair don’t stay where they are suppose to. In my wedding day emergency kit, I have a variety of different colors to match almost every hair color out there. The whole point of a bobby pin is to not be seen so offering up different colors is helpful and exciting for the person who needs one. Bridemaids will be thrilled you’re prepared with extra bobby pins!


Weddings can often come with some happy tears which doesn’t always mix well with makeup. There is nothing worse than shedding a few tears and having nothing on hand to dab them off with. The small pocket packs of tissues always come in handy! I have multiple in my bag in case more than one person needs some or if they’re super emotional. Passing them out to parents of the couple before the ceremony is also not a bad idea.

Boutonnière pins

Boutonnières are such a lovely touch to add to a suit or tux. However, sometimes they only come with one pin to secure them in place. That often doesn’t cut it, especially if the flower is on the larger side. There is nothing worse that having the boutonnière flop around, flip upside down or just completely fall off. Adding a case of extra boutonniere pins to your wedding day emergency kit is a must!

The entirety of my wedding day emergency kit

Want to fully stock your wedding emergency kit? That’s probably a good idea. Here’s a full list of everything I have with me at every single wedding. You never know what could happen and being the person who has it all will make you look like a superhero. And who doesn’t love that?!

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