Lake George Adventure Engagement

Looking to celebrate your engagement by having photos taken that represent your relationship? I totally get it and am all about incorporating things and activities your and your fiancé love doing into your engagement session this Lake George Adventure engagement I photographed did just that!

Alexa and Steven are travelers, outdoorsy people and Lake George has a special place in their heart! Alexa and her family have been vacationing in Lake George for many years. Since dating, Steven has accompanied his fiancé, Alexa, and her family on their Adirondack adventures!

One of the very first conversations I had with Alexa she told me that her and her fiancé love to adventure, hike and explore. After chatting through some logistics and picking a date, we were all set for having their engagement session in Lake George. Her family had recently bought a house in Bolton Landing, New York, which also gave them private access beautiful dock with barely anyone there. So we were able to have a beautiful lake front view!

After doing a little research on AllTrails, Alexa sent me a hike that she thought might work for their engagement session. Since the two of them love adventuring and being outside, hiking during their engagement session made it so much fun and was the perfect activity. Before we locked in the hike location, I went up and checked it out a few weeks before. It was going to be perfect!

Mountain Weather

My schedule was flexible and so was theirs, thank goodness, because rain was in the forecast. After a date change with blue skies on the radar for Lake George, we were good to go.  We started their session right on the lake with their fancy outfits. Then, we had just a short drive to the trailhead for the true adventure engagement pictures. We changed into our hiking gear and left the fancy clothes behind.

As we were at the trail head we felt a few sprinkles but thought nothing of it. I checked the forecast and there was no rain on the radar, phew! But then, about 15 minutes into the hike, it decided to downpour. Mountain weather is always unpredictable so being flexible and prepared is key. Thankfully, they weren’t wearing the outfit that they wanted for pictures or they would have been soaked. Alexa and Stephen embraced the rain like champs and my opinion it was actually kind of fun. We all made some memories that day!

The Peak

At the peak, we all took in the breathtaking view. As they were changing into their outfits in my portable pop up changing room, I mentioned that there is a rainbow. What I didn’t expect for the rainbow to become more vibrant in color the longer I stood there looking at it. It was absolutely unreal! It’s the most vivid rainbow I had ever seen in my life. The longer we sat there another rainbow appeared, and we had a double rainbow at the top of the mountain! It was so magical. I don’t even think I have words to fully describe what we were able to experience together.

The way the sunlight came through the trees, illuminated the luscious all color. We stayed up at the top of the mountain long enough for a champagne toast and a whole bunch of beautiful images. By the time we were ready to head back down the mountain, we had to pull our headlamps for the dark hike down. Alexa and Steven’s Lake George Adventure Engagement was truly amazing. I cannot wait for their wedding celebration next summer at the end at The Inn at Erlowest in Lake George.

The Adirondacks off some of the most breathtaking views in Upstate New York! If you’re looking for some epic views check out some of the best places to elope in the Adirondacks. There is something for everyone, even if hiking isn’t your thing!

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