How to Elope in Adirondacks | The Ultimate Adirondack Elopement Guide

Are you dreaming of an elopement that’s as laidback and breathtaking as your love story? You’re in the right place! As an Adirondack elopement photographer, I’m here to guide you through how to elope in the gorgeous Adirondack Region, where mountains and lakes serve as the perfect backdrop for your big day! 

So, let’s dive into it!

How to Elope in the Adirondacks

How to Get to The Adirondacks

The Adirondacks are vast, so figuring out the best way to get to your elopement spot can be tricky. But don’t worry; I’m here to help you create your dream Adirondack Elopement and to share the most gorgeous “I do” destinations in the area!

Getting Here By Car

You can take the scenic route and make getting to the Adirondacks a part of your elopement adventure. Here are fourteen Adirondack scenic routes for your elopement day! So, get a playlist ready and grab some snacks because you’re going on a road trip! 

Renting a car or taking your own is a great option because you can bring whatever you’d like to bring with you easily.

Getting Here By Plane

If you’re not a New York State local, or a longer drive seems daunting, you can also take a plane and then rent a car for a shorter drive. These are some of the nearby airports:

This site is an excellent resource on how to get to Adirondacks

Best Time of Year to Elope in Adirondacks

You can elope in the Adirondacks throughout the year. However, I recommend skipping the months between mid-May and early July to avoid the Black Fly season. There are precautions we can take to make the most out of eloping during those months, so if Spring is your ideal time of year to tie the knot, we can absolutely make it work! 

Late summer and early fall are the best times to elope in the Adirondacks because the weather conditions are still pretty reliable. However, it’s also rather touristy this time of year, so I recommend eloping on a weekday. Tuesdays through Thursdays are usually the best days since Mondays and Fridays typically are an extension of a longer weekend and can also be busy!

For a more in-depth look into the best time of year for your Adirondack elopement, visit this blog!

Best Time of Day for Your Adirondack Elopement

Sunrise or sunset is THE BEST time for your Adirondack elopement day. 

Most hikers tend to head down the trails before dark, leaving you with a quieter and more serene atmosphere. Alternatively, consider a sunrise ceremony! While it might be challenging to wake up at 3 am or even earlier for a mountain hike, the experience is truly exceptional. And you know, if you aren’t too hyped to wake up early for a hike – know neither are the other hikers! You’ll likely have the entire place to yourselves and get such fantastic lighting!

Starting your elopement day with a sunrise ceremony also allows you to spend the rest of the day adventuring with your love and then heading back to the Airbnb for the night.

Best Places to Elope in Adirondack

Lake George, Lake Placid, and Keene Valley – these Adirondack gems offer stunning backdrops for your elopement. Explore these picturesque locations and choose the one that resonates with your love story!

I also have a more in-depth guide about the best places to elope in Adirondack here to help you decide!

Lodging Options for Your Adirondack Elopement

For a cozy and memorable stay, consider a charming Airbnb or one of the unique hotels in the area. I always provide lodging recommendations to all my clients; however, here are just a few of my favorite places!

You can choose a cozy cottage, a room in an inn – whatever your heart desires. You should consider the vibe you’d like, whether you’re bringing your pets, and the proximity to the activities you’d like to do during your elopement day.

Permits and Legal Requirements

Let’s talk about the nitty-gritty details! You must obtain a New York marriage license to make your elopement official. You can get the license anywhere in the state and you must apply for your marriage license in person. Find specific and most up-to-date information about the requirements here!

Once you have picked out your date and location, you also need to find an officiant and one witness. I’m happy to recommend an officiant and serve as your witness if you want to avoid bringing anyone along!

As for elopement permits – you do not need a permit to elope in the Adirondacks! Unlike many national parks, the Adirondacks are a state park, and they don’t demand any special permissions for elopements on summits or in open fields. However, do be mindful of other people you may encounter on the trails and summits!

Can You Bring Family and Pets?

Your elopement can be whatever you’d like it to be, so if want to bring your pups or your closest friends and family, it’s up to you! You could go on a sunrise hike to exchange your vows privately and then head to a brewery to celebrate with your loved ones!

As for your furry friends – the Adirondacks are very dog-friendly! In fact, many of the towns and villages offer water stations, puppy treats, and pet-friendly retail shops! There are a few rules for bringing your dog with you, however, they are very reasonable and easy to manage. You can check out those rules here!

What to Pack for Your Elopement

The packing list will vary from couple to couple, and I always help my clients figure out what to bring with them for their particular elopement day. However, there are some basics you should take with you for your Adirondacks elopement!

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Extra layers
  • Wedding attire (if you’re not hiking in it)
  • Downloaded trail map for offline use
  • Proper footwear
  • Handwarmers
  • Headlamps or a flashlight
  • A sturdy backpack that would carry all those goods you bring!
bride and groom hiking in their wedding attire in the adirondacks for their adventure elopement

Fun Elopement Activities to Include in Your Adirondack Elopement

As I mentioned, elopements can be whatever you’d like them to be, so you can include fun and meaningful activities to make them more adventurous and personal. Here are some ideas:

  • Hiking to a Scenic Overlook: Choose one of the many trails in the Adirondacks, leading to breathtaking views perfect for exchanging vows.
  • Kayaking on a Serene Lake: Paddle out onto one of the region’s many lakes for some quiet time or to say your “I dos” on the water.
  • Visiting Local Breweries: The Adirondacks is home to several craft breweries, where you can celebrate your union with a taste of local ales and lagers.
  • Having a Picnic: Pack a gourmet picnic to enjoy in a meadow, stream, or secluded forest.
  • Popping Champagne at Sunset: Find the perfect spot to toast with your new spouse!
  • Horseback Riding: Take a guided horseback ride through trails for a romantic and rustic elopement experience.
  • Relaxing at a Unique Airbnb: Book a unique stay, like a cozy cabin or a luxurious lodge, to unwind after the day’s activities.
  • Taking a Helicopter Ride: Get a bird’s-eye view of the Adirondacks’ beauty with a thrilling helicopter tour.
  • Star Gazing: With minimal light pollution, the night skies are ideal for an intimate evening of stargazing.
  • Exploring Historic Sites: Visit some of the Adirondacks’ historic sites to add a touch of history to your special day.

If you’re looking for even more ideas for elopement activities, check out my blog here!

bride and groom about to get into their jeep and go adventuring in the adirondacks for their elopement celebration

Hire the Perfect Adirondack Elopement Photographer

Your photographer can really make or break your elopement experience. Hiring the perfect photographer will allow you to truly have a fun, unique, and stress-free experience on your big day! You want to find someone who knows the area, is professional, and can help you put together the perfect elopement day. 

My Adirondack elopement packages include not only gorgeous photos, but I’m also going to assist you in planning out your entire day! You can learn more about me and my packages here!

Ready to Book Your Adirondack Elopement Photographer?

I hope that this has answered your questions on how to elope in Adirondack! And if you’re planning your elopement day, you may be on the lookout for your Adirondack elopement photographer. Reach out to me here, and let’s make your dream elopement day happen together!

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