A Season of Rest

As a wedding photographer 6 months out of the year, May through October, life and business are packed full of weddings, trips, and summer activities. During this time it’s hard to catch a moment to breath let alone try and get some rest. Which is why, November through April I dubbed as my season of rest. This doesn’t mean I just hibernate and never leave my bed during these cold months but I make it intentional to set time aside to relax and enjoy some free time.

So what happens during this season of rest? First thing, I get a full 8 hours of sleep. You may think that’s silly but during those months of extra daylight you bet I’m soaking up every minute of the daylight and working late into the night to deliver beautiful photographs to my clients in a timely manner. During Winter the days are short and I’m ready for bed by 6 some days not to mention the warmth of my bed calls my name as soon as I get back into my house. No, I don’t actually go to bed at 6 but am un bed usually around 9:00 and then up at 6 or 7am.

I get to work on my business and make improvements. This has been especially exciting this year because some big things happened since just November! Throughout wedding so many ideas pop into my head on how to keep enhancing my client experience and the amount of post it notes on my desk keep those ideas alive. So far this year I’ve launch wedding websites for my couples! Now when you book your wedding with me you’ll now be able to have a wedding website all your own. Complete with your love story, the schedule for the weekend and/or day of your wedding, hotel accommodations, photographs, and your wedding registries.

Speaking of wedding registries, I also launch eGiftCards for heirlooms! Now you can add NWP to your registry and your guest can purchase gift cards for you to use towards your wedding album, prints, or framed photographs. It’s pretty awesome in my opinion!

During this season of rest I also take some time to plan out my year. Get trips locked in my calendar, set goals, plan out what I want to accomplish each month, etc. I just started doing this in 2019, I know I’m a little late in the game, but I’m trying to be more intentional with my time. I have many resolutions but one for my business is to have a little more balance. Last year I said no a lot to my family and friends because I was so focused on my business and I missed out on a lot which breaks my heart a little. By planning out my year I get to carve out time just for those special people!

This may be one of my favorite things about a rest season… comfy clothes! That may sound a little ridiculous but I’ve been living in big sweatpants, my favorite hoodie and comfy socks. When I have to leave the house for a Target run I’m throwing on the next best thing, workout clothes. I’m grateful for client meetings and date nights during the winter to remind myself that I can actually look nice and put together!

This may be a shock but I actually workout more in the Winter. Late last year I signed up for a gym membership and am usually pretty consistent about going. Hopefully I’ll continue throughout busy season this year so words of encouragement are much appreciated!

Lastly, I bake… A LOT! Especially during Christmas time I spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. Trying new recipes mixing up some of my families favorites and packing up some to deliver to some special people! You can see why I really enjoy a season of rest right?

What are your favorite self care things to do during your slow season?


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