Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and although I don’t actually observe it, because it’s my sweet boyfriend’s birthday, I wanted to share some ways you could celebrate it! Of course there’s the standard dinner and a movie but been there done that, am I right? Here are a few other ways to make your Valentine’s day a little extra special! Also, this isn’t 100% up to the man in your life or one person’s sole responsibility to plan out the day or evening. Figure it out together, it will be way more fun that way.

First I want to start with all of my single independent people out there. Valentine’s doesn’t have to be one of those days where you hide from everyone watching the Notebook with a tub of ice cream on your lap. You don’t need a significant other to spread some love! Get your girlfriends together for a spa night, visit your parents, spend time with your grandparents, or just spend some time lovin’ on yourself, hello face masks and bath bombs! Plus when it all comes down to it, it’s just another day filled with lots of hand holding, smooches, and pink and red decor.

Now for all the people who are in a relationship!

  1. Make a plan to buy each other an outfit for a date night. The rule is you each have to go shopping on your own and pick out an outfit, tops, bottoms, and accessories, and present it to the other person before your next date night! It’s not a bad thing to give it to them on Valentine’s day and then make a plan to wear it out next week. Making sure it actually fits is a good idea!
  2. Spend time at home with each other and plan out your date nights and trips for the next few months. There are so many ways to do this! You can get a mason jar and each write on popsicle sticks fun date night ideas. Then when it’s time for your next date, pull out a stick and do whatever it says! Another idea is to write on pieces of paper and then place them in an envelope. Same concept, just a different approach. One you pull out a stick or piece of paper you MUST to what it says, no take backs!
  3. Spend the night talking about your future. Yes, I did just say the “F” word! Think about what your lives may look like 5, 10, 20 years from now. See what things you have in common and listen to the other person share their ideas and dreams. Nothing is more sexy than having the one you love pay attention to you! Well… there are other things but listening is up there on the list. Who knows maybe you both have the same dream of living in Arizona one day but neither of you have ever brought it up.
  4. A wine bar crawl! This is fun for just the two of you or get a few other couples together to make the party bigger. Map out some fun bars or wineries, appoint a designated driver and have fun! Don’t forget to squeeze appetizers or dinner in there somewhere too.
  5. Take a dance class! Some people may greatly dislike this idea but that’s okay, it’s just another option. Find a local dance class and sign up for it by paying a deposit ahead of time so you can’t back out! Ballroom dancing, hip hop, salsa, line dancing, whatever you want but it’ll bring your and your partner closer together and may give you a few laughs!
  6. A themed dinner date. This may be quite ridiculous but it may also be an absolute blast! Rather than going out to another restaurant for another dinner why not spice it up a little? You could have an Italian night with specialty wine, your favorite pasta dishes, a popular Italian dessert and only listen to Italian wine. Or Mexican themed with burritos and tacos!
  7. Recreate your first date! Try to remember back all the way to your very first date. Got it? Now recreate it! Did you go to his house while he made you dinner? Did you go for a drive listening to country music and watched the sunset? Whatever it is, relive the first time you officially went on a date!
  8. Book a hotel room. Even if it’s right down the road! Order from your favorite restaurant, dessert included, pop some bubbly and put on a good show. Don’t forget to bring your best bathrobe and comfy slippers! Sometimes it’s nice to get away from your house, even if you’re 15 minutes down the road.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is one to remember!

Lots of love,

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