Money Saving Tips

Money Saving Tips

You many not know this but I don’t always love going out shopping. In fact for most of my years growing up I detested it and had to be in the right mood to even want to walk into a store. Thank goodness for the internet and online shopping, am I right? Although I do enjoy shopping more than I used to, there is something about growing online and having a package shipped right to your doorstep.

Maybe it’s the comfort of browsing multiple sites to get the best deal or the thrill of having a package come in the mail or maybe it’s the cash back and rewards I receive when shopping at certain places. Regardless I have saved quite a bit of money from online shopping and wanted to share some tips with you to get the most out of your precious dollars.

There are 2 sites that I use regularly. Ebates and Groupon. Ebates may be my favorite because I don’t have to do a single thing extra, besides click a button, to earn cash back. Plus they have a ton of stores online and you can link your card and earn cash back in store. In any case, both have allowed me to save money by earning cash back, offering great discounts, and searching for coupons for percentages off.

Ebates – So far from using Ebates I’ve earned almost $200 cash back from online and some in store purchases within the last year. Ebates offers a Safari extension, sorry Windows users, that you can install on your browser. When you go to a website they have a connection with you will be alerted on that page that there is a cash back percentage or dollar amount you can earn. From here you click the red button that pops up saying “Activate Cash Back”. Then you simply continue on shopping, check out, and soon you will see the reward in your Ebates account!

They payout 4 times a year and the minimum you need to have earned is just $5 to receive a check. It’s really that easy!¬†They now have tons of other features as well such as booking hotel reservations, offering coupons, and seasonal pages that come in handy during big shopping seasons. Join here and receive a free $10 when you make your first purchase!

Groupon – This is like the Walmart of coupons. Groupon offers so many deals and discounts on everything from products to trips to restaurants and adventures. I always look on here before going on a trip to see if there is any activity deals or restaurant savings I can purchase ahead of time. Pro tip: sign up for Ebates before you shop on Groupon because you can earn cash back from Ebates on Groupon!

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