Cooperstown Wedding – Cailyn & Will

I want to start out by giving any couple who decides to do a DIY wedding a huge shout out! Of course I like photographing all the pretty decor, insane flower arrangements, and grand ballrooms but I have such a huge passion for shooting smaller intimate weddings with the people that the couple is closest to. My first experience of this was just a couple years ago in 2018 and I’ve been hooked ever since. When I first chatted with Cailyn and Will and they were telling me about their plans for a smaller wedding at a state park in Cooperstown, NY, I was all in!

We met for the first time at Glimmerglass State Park for their engagement session. When they booked this place as their venue they only ever saw it when it was covered in snow. So to be able to document engagement photos of the two of them together at a very special place was quite exciting! 

When I was talking to Cailyn about their final wedding day timeline, she was telling me all the little things that they had planned for the day. The biggest was probably including their two sweet dogs as their bridesmaids and mentioning that one of them would be driven down the aisle and a motorized car! Talk about things to look forward to! Cailyn is such a bubble of happiness. She was so laid-back all day long completely in love with her husband, Will, and loves all things vintage. Which probably stems from the fact that she’s a sweater designer and is super artsy! Que DIY wedding!!

After sharing a first look with each other and getting some portraits done, we were off to the ceremony. They chose to say their vows near a covered bridge. As guests arrived they grabbed a ribbon wand and some blankets to sit on to watch Cailyn and Will get married! Being in that space with all of these people was something truly unique! I wish I could describe it but it’s one of those things that you just have to experience and feel for yourself to fully understand.

Cailyn and Will recognized that what meant the most to them was the people they wanted to share their day with. They weren’t concerned with having a huge, lavish ballroom wedding. All they wanted was to celebrate the start of their marriage with the people they love the most in the world! Oh and to indulge in some of Ommegang‘s finest beers! I mean, we were in Cooperstown after all.

Cailyn’s mom had been making her a necklace from the year she was born up until her wedding day. Every year, she’d add another pearl so that when Cailyn got married she could wear it! Which went perfectly with her gorgeous wedding gown! Will grew up sailing so naturally his cuff links were sail boats! Their reception was a beautiful display of friends coming together, lawn games to be played, and blankets for all to wrap up in!

Their two pups were definitely stars of the show from time to time throughout their wedding day. Which I think was totally okay with Cailyn and well because their dogs are absolutely everything to them! One of them even wore a blue sweater to match the bridesmaids and both were superstars while taking pictures. We also were able to get some of that beautiful fall foliage in some of their wedding portraits which I was super excited about! These two are absolute pros on their wedding day because they crushed it in their engagement session and remembered all the things which made portrait time 10 times better!

I truly think I could go on and on about how incredible their wedding day was but instead I’ll just share some of my favorite photographs from their special day!

Catering: Andres Blue Ribbon BBQ
Cake: Jennifer Zachow
Dessert Table: Sugar and Spice Catering


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