Washington Park Proposal – Albany, NY – Patrick & Serena

Since the cat is officially out of the bag, I am super excited to share pictures from Patrick and Serena’s proposal at Washington Park in Albany, NY! Partick reached out to me through Instagram to inquire about photographing his proposal. He already had a well thought out plan on how he wanted it all to happen. I was going to pose as an amateur photographer taking photos of people in the park for practice. Not going to lie, this had me super nervous and I wasn’t the one proposing!

We picked the date of May 7th at Washington Park. Which is a super special place to them and somewhere they visit frequently. Earlier that day I was on the phone with my sister and she mentioned that it was Tulip Fest weekend. I’ve only lived the Capital Region for about a year and a half so I had no idea what Tulip Fest even was. Well, come to find out that it draws in thousands of people every year. Not only was there going to be thousands of people, but also live music, vendors, food trucks, etc. Cue panic mode!

I quickly texted Partick to inform him what we were about to walk into. He was cool as a cucumber and said that we’d just find a less crowded section of the park. Well, upon my arrival, after spending a ton of time trying to find parking, I was certain that a “quite” area of the park was going to be impossible.

Thank goodness he shared his location with me so I could track him and Serena as they walked through the park. Sounds super creepy when I say it like that but it wasn’t I promise! In the midst of all of this, Patrick told me he wasn’t super worried about things because Serena already knew what was going to take place. She knew a proposal was coming, may have already seen the ring and also knew I’d be taking their photos. Plus Patrick had paid for her to go get a manicure, what a guy!!

Serena obviously said YES! We spent the next hour or so finding other spots of the park to document this special day for them.

Poor Patrick couldn’t keep it a surprise because Serena just knew something was up. That happens when you’ve known each other since you were 14 years old and have have been dating for almost a decade! Keeping a secret becomes impossible.

What was a surprise though was the photobomb by two police officers on their horses!! I saw them making their way over to us and thought we we in trouble for some reason. So I said hello and their response was “We just wanted to photobomb your photo”! PHEW!

These two were just the sweetest! I couldn’t be happier for these two to continue to spend many more decades together but now as fiancé and then husband and wife!

Congratulations, Patrick and Serena!

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