Thacher State Park Engagement

Well before the sun began to rise, Heather and Vinny hopped in their car and headed to John Boyd Thacher State Park. The views and fields that make up Thacher State Park make it a perfect location for engagement photos near the Capital Region in New York!

From the moment we all said hello throughout almost every minute of their photoshoot, these two didn’t stop giggling! It was obvious that they were each other’s best friends and were meant to be partner’s in life. I can assure you that my cheeks hurt after their session because their laughter was infectious! Let’s be honest, if you can’t hear and feel the joy while looking through these photos, are you actually looking at them?!

Everything about Vinny and Heather’s engagement session was perfection! The dreamy golden hour sunrise light that peaked through the trees was magical! We had the entire park to ourselves to go explore and ended up finding some perfect spots. Plus these two were a blast to be around and were up for anything!

They ran through sky high pine trees, frolicked through tall grassy fields and just enjoyed each other’s company and this experience to the fullest! If this is any preview of what their wedding is going to be like next year, I truly cannot wait!

Just a little piece of advice for anyone looking to have photos taken at Thacher State Park, I highly recommend going at sunrise! I know it’s early but it’s totally worth it. There aren’t very many people there and the sun comes up in the most perfect spot for breathtaking photos!

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