How to Elope in Lake Placid: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you thinking about eloping in the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Placid? Yay, let’s do it! This charming town nestled in the Adirondack Mountains offers an array of stunning backdrops for your special day. From serene lakes to majestic mountain peaks, Lake Placid is the place to be for your elopement!

So let’s chat about all the things you need to know to elope in Lake Placid! 

How to Get to Lake Placid

If you’re flying in, the nearest major airports are in Albany, NY (ALB), about a 2.5-hour drive away, and Burlington, VT (BTV), roughly a 2-hour drive, including a short ferry ride across Lake Champlain. Renting a car is your best bet for flexibility and enjoying the scenic route to Lake Placid.

You can check out more detailed ways to get to Lake Placid here!

intimate bride and groom photos during their elopement in lake placid

Best Time of Year for Lake Placid Elopement

Each season here offers it’s own unique charm, so you need to consider what backdrop you’d like for your photos and the activities you’d like to include and go from there when choosing the time!


Spring always brings a sense of rebirth, with melting snow revealing green landscapes and flowers starting to bloom. The days get longer and warmer. However, keep in mind that some areas may still be closed for your safety as they can get very muddy. Packing plenty of extra socks is a must!


Summer brings warm days perfect for lakeside ceremonies and exploring the trails. The weather is really nice and often remains dry, so you know it will be crowded! All the people want to enjoy their vacations there during summertime, so I recommend choosing a weekday elopement to avoid the people and keep it as intimate as possible. Sunrise is typically a lot less crowded, so pack your headlamps and get ready for an early day. A midday nap will be included in the itinerary, but nothing compares to drinking a slow cup of coffee on top of a mountain as the sun rises!

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider a weekday elopement!


Fall, of course, is absolutely magical, with all the vibrant foliage creating a stunning backdrop for your vows and photos. The weather can be a bit challenging to predict, so you should definitely pack layers and be prepared for some rain. The Fall season in the Adirondacks brings in lots of adventures keeping with a weekday elopement is key. It’s important to keep an eye on a foliage tracker as well to make sure you get the colors you’re hoping for. Leaves change much earlier in the mountains than farther down in New York near Saratoga. Planning for those perfect foliage views is something you’ll want to keep in mind.


Winter turns the Lake Placid landscapes into a snowy wonderland, ideal for cozy, intimate elopements and winter sports enthusiasts. You can choose to go adventuring if the weather allows and you’re up for it, or enjoy a cozy day in a cabin by a fireplace. Winter activities can be so much fun during this time of year. Hiking is still a possibility, but you’ll want to be extra prepared for snowy and icey conditions. There are lots of opportunities for bobsledding, dogsledding, Winter festivals, ice skating, hockey games to watch, and more!

intimate bride and groom photos during their fall elopement in lake placid

Best Places for Your Lake Placid Elopement

Lake Placid is surrounded by all kinds of natural beauty, offering countless spots for your elopement ceremony and celebrations. It all depends on what kind of views vibe with you and what kind of activities you’d like to include, so they could be easily accessible.

Some options you may want to consider are the Mount Jo trail, Whiteface Mountain, Cascade Lakes, or Mirror Lake. I’ve reviewed some of these options for you more in-depth in a blog here!

If you choose to work with me as your Adirondack elopement photographer, I’ll help you find the perfect spot for you that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Permits and Legal Requirements

You must obtain a New York marriage license in person to make your elopement official. You can get the license anywhere in the state. Find specific and most up-to-date information about the requirements here!

Once you have picked out your date and location, you must find an officiant and one witness. I’m happy to recommend an officiant and serve as your witness if you want to avoid bringing anyone along! I also happen to be ordained, so if you want me to officiate your wedding, I’d be happy to do so!

You do not need special permits for a Lake Placid elopement. Unlike many national parks, the Adirondacks are a state park, and they don’t demand any special permissions for elopements on summits or in open fields. However, do be mindful of other people you may encounter on the trails and summits! Some hikes do require a reservation, but most of those are high peaks. You can find out what hikes need a reservation here.

Can You Bring Family and Pets to Your Lake Placid Elopement 

Absolutely! Lake Placid is a fantastic place to elope with a few close family members and your furry friends. Just ensure your chosen location is pet-friendly and consider your guests’ comfort and accessibility needs when selecting your spot. 

There are a few rules for bringing your dog with you, however, they are very reasonable and easy to manage. You can check out those rules here!

 What to Pack for Your Elopement in Lake Placid

The packing list will vary from couple to couple, and I always help my clients figure out what to bring with them for their particular elopement day. However, there are some basics you should take with you for your Adirondacks elopement!

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Extra layers
  • Wedding attire (if you’re not hiking in it)
  • Downloaded trail map for offline use
  • Proper footwear
  • Extra Socks
  • Handwarmers
  • Headlamps or a flashlight
  • More water
  • A sturdy backpack that would carry all those goods you bring!

Fun Elopement Activities to Include in Your Lake Placid Elopement

Lake Placid is an adventure lover’s paradise. Celebrate your elopement with activities like:

  • Kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, or a private boat tour on Mirror Lake.
  • Hiking or snowshoeing in the Adirondacks.
  • A romantic dinner at a local gourmet restaurant.
  • Relaxing with a couples massage at a luxury spa.
  • Campfire with smores at your Airbnb
  • Yard games with a lake view
  • Picnic on a mountain

If you’re looking for even more ideas for elopement activities, check out my blog here!

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Hire the Perfect Photographer to Help You Elope in Lake Placid

Look for a photographer who not only knows Lake Placid’s best locations but also resonates with your style and personality. As your Lake Placid elopement photographer, I’m here to make sure your love story is told most authentically and beautifully as possible while planning out your elopement day so it’s your version of the best day ever!

My Lake Placid elopement packages include not only gorgeous photos, but I’m also going to assist you in planning out your entire day! You can learn more about me and my packages here!

Ready to Book Your Adirondack Elopement Photographer?

I hope that this has answered your questions on how to elope in Lake Placid, ADK! And if you’re planning your elopement day, you may be on the lookout for your Adirondack elopement photographer. Reach out to me here, and let’s make your dream elopement day happen together!

playful bride and groom portrait by lake placid

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